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Operator billing intro - Velti Pay

No description

Tim Green

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Operator billing intro - Velti Pay

An introduction to
the world of
paying for stuff
with your
mobile phone bill Operator Billing What is it? Premium SMS * Send 'reverse billed' text to pay Direct Operator Billing * Click on 'pay now' icon on fixed or
mobile site to debit fee from bill Addressable market: 4bn phone owners vs 1.5bn card holders Smooth payment flow: one or two clicks vs dozens of clicks – reduces 'cart abandonment' More security: operator billing uses 'two factor' authentification The arguments for
operator billing Challenges for operator billing Revenue shares: vary from 40% to 15% depending on country Apps: Not (yet) on native iOS, only selected Google Play country stores Physical goods: Some confusion
over EU rules on payment for
'real world' items Who's using it? * Games, gambling, dating * Charities, TV voting * wi-fi access, ISPs, parking, ticketing * Smart TV
* Social commerce (Facebook, twitter)
* Collaborative consumption: airbnb etc
* Magazines, newspapers
* Physical goods Who's looking into it? Branding at checkout and on receipts Thanks for listening Tim Green
editor in chief
Mobile Money Revolution
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