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Family-School-Community Partnership Project

No description

Lamar University

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Family-School-Community Partnership Project

Creating dreams, instilling values,
increasing expectations, and
searching for tools to achieve students success. How to improve students achievement ? Developing a
Partnership Program HSD needs to increase the involvement of parents, redefine, and create an appropriate school climate where families are able to participate and develop strong relationships with school to encourage students to be successful Teacher and Parent Involvement in Education Teachers must demonstrate a readiness to involve families in many different ways
by encouraging parental support and interaction that directly contributes to
the achievement in education. Community Involvement in Education A way to support students' success by enhancing school quality in support of community development. Parent
Involvement Program The main goal
is to create a meaningful
collaboration between
home and school. Funding Marketing Assessment of the
Framework developed
by Epstein General Assessment Scope Process Develop an Action Plan for one year
with clear and defined goals
to create safer school environment,
strengthen parenting skills,
encourage community service,
improve skills and achieve goals
according to our school needs. Review the Action Plan and make sure
all activities designed are properly planed, developed and ready to be implemented
at school with families and the community
for a successful partnership program. Developing activities
for school funds and resources
(donations, recognitions
to students, scholarships,
tutoring programs, etc.) Goal and Methods Evaluate goals and methods
to determine if planned partnership activities reached desired goals and/or required specific modifications. Communications (HSD website/messaging system/mail distribution/announcements/etc.)
Product Sales (yearbook, ice cream, chocolate, etc.)
Direct Advertising (Front office, bulletin board, etc.)
Indirect Advertising (Kroger Bar code, school mall program, etc.) Approval Present marketing ideas to Administration then relay to staff, parents, and students.
Encourage participation from all. Monitor of activities to include
six types of family and community involvement
(parenting, communication, volunteering,
learning at home, decision making, and
collaborating with community). Finding Activities that meet needs of our Family at School In accordance to the goals defined in the plan, identify activities to ensure that partnership activities will benefit all stakeholders (Workshops for parents, trainings,
Learning activities for
students, etc.). Address challenges of school, family, and community partnership to ensure a successful program. Research information about our school population to have information about the following aspects: knowledge of student’s home environment (predominant language, concerns, educational background, special needs,
socioeconomic status, etc.). Communication Ensure all activities are being
communicated to families which
will promote more involvement. Link parental involvement to students' achievement
Focus on students' learning
Keep families informed and motivated
Build an inclusive school culture Administrators, school boards, teachers, parents, and community members working together to improve teaching and learning.
An improved teaching and learning environment throughout the school to improve student achievement as measured in a variety of ways.
Renewed sense of school ownership and accountability among staff, teachers, students, parents, and the community.
Open communications with all.
Provide campus improvement initiatives. This program should result in the following: + = Planning and Implementation Proposed Process for Planning and Implementation Identification of Needs March 18 - April 5,
2013 April 19 - May 10,
2013 Creation of Teams
and Committees Professional Literature
Knowledge to Develop
the Action Plan April
5 - 19,
2013 Action Plan Presented Request of Action Plan Approval June 3,
2013 Approved Plan June 24,
2013 Data Evidenced Students' Needs PTO President
Site Leadership Focus on areas of need. Review information then present updated proposal. If approved, forwarded to the school-as-a-whole for discussion and approval.

If not approved, forwarded appropriately for further study and planning. When approved by the school-as-whole,
begin implementation
of the action plan. May 13,
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