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Gorillas SWJCS

No description

Zachary Cole

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Gorillas SWJCS

How much do gorillas weigh?
What age do they usually live to?
Gorillas usually live up to 40 years old in the wild. They live up to 50 years old in a zoo.
What is a gorilla's height?
If gorillas stand on their back legs they can be 6 feet tall.
What is the gorilla population?
The gorilla population is about 100,000 to 200,000, but it is growing smaller. This is caused by habitat loss and diseases.

Gorillas were originally from Africa.
Are there different types of gorillas?
There are 4 different types of gorillas. They are the Mountain Gorilla, the Western Lowland Gorilla, the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, and the Cross River.
Where are gorillas from?
1. www.livescience.com, by Live Science Staff

2.www.worldbookonline.com, by Randall L. Susman

3.www.arkive.org, by Dr. E.A Williamson

4.nationalzoo.si.edu, by the Staff Workers

5. animals.nationalgeographic.com, by Michael Nichols


A male gorilla weighs about 390 pounds and a female weighs about half of that.
What do they mainly eat?
They mainly eat wild celery, shoots,
roots, fruit tree bark, tree pulp and
small animals and insects.
By Zachary Cole
Produced by
SWJCS Star Productions
in 2015
Western Lowland
Eastern Lowland
Cross River
You can find a gorilla eating celery at this link:
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