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business class

No description

Hamza Sam

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of business class

Marketing Objectives
Why Informational Power?
A)Customer Base.

What type of leader power
does our leader need?
A)Informational Power.
We offer Intellectual services like:
-Teambuilding programs.
-Teams@work programs.
-Team discussion.

Why Rewards Power?
Cohersive work group
- Training Equipments
- Technological Equipments
- Furnitures


We are
service operation.
We are connected
with service operations

Goods production:-
Only employ the trainers with:-
- Good temper
- Best knowledge in specific field
- Good social skills
- Quality of work

How do we sustain positive behaviour?
B)Efficciency & Quality.

C)Customer Service.


15% more profit every year
50 New companies a year
A) Salary Raise.
B) Counselling Sessions.
C) Flexible Working
How do we control the counter-productive behaviours?
A)Salary deduction.
B)Temporary suspension.
C)Firing. (not with a gun)
B)Reward Powers.
How can we implement a leadership subsitute behaviour?
A)Give realistic challenges to the

B)Reward the best among them
every month.
Market ourself to 70% of the companies in
Klang Valley
How are we gonna achieve that?
A) Cold Calling.

-Set meeting with customers.
-Give them physical brochures.
Register with services that would make your company more visible
-Google Adwords.

-Make a company facebook page
Wanna know how we are connected to IT?
Accounting resources needed?
1-Hire a freaking accountant.
1-Open a separate account for the company.
How do we maintain our accounting resources?
Register with an online accounting software company
Like this one
NO...No,no not the DEPT PART :/
We need a RM200,000 bank loan to start our company.

First year expenses (a bit tight)
-RM2000 for monthly office rent.

-RM5000 for monthly salaries.

-The remainder will be used to buy goods and for adwords monthly payments
Pay 10% of every months income to the bank.
Thank You
- Transportation
- Internet service
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