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BLIS for Riya S

No description

Riya S

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of BLIS for Riya S

BLIS for Riya S
Self Data
Life Data
Informant Data
Behavior Data
Data from Instagram
3 Different Approaches
Openness- 76; This means that I and relatively open to new experiences and I am more creative, complex, and curious.I think that I would be more in the middle of the scale because I tend to be more open in certain situations and closed off in other situations.For example during school I am more closed off and in places like this camp, around my friends I am more open to new things.

Conscientiousness- 46; This means that I and neither organized or disorganized. I agree that I am in the middle of the scale because in certain situations I am organized and/or messy. For example my room in literally half messy and half clean.

Extroversion- 9; This means that i enjoy spending time alone and that I am more reserved and quiet. I think that this is correct that I am very introverted but I think it should be at least at 15 because I become very extroverted around my SUPER close friends.
Agreeableness-22; This means that I easily express my irritations with others and that I am more forgiving and sympathetic. I think this this score is correct because when something bothers me I always rant to other people about my feelings, but sometimes I rant too much and cause issues.
Neuroticism-60; This means that tend to become more anxious and nervous and that I am more insecure and worrying. I think this score is correct because I get nervous or anxious about tiny little things and am ok with others. Usually I get nervous talking in front of other people in class or talking in large groups of people who I do not know.
Informant #1 Friend
Informant #2 Parent
My friend seemed to know me better than my parent
Based on my room, I can see that I am more conscientious than I think I am. Most of my room is pretty clean. The Taylor Swift Polaroids around my bed frame and empty walls show that I tend to be more introverted, quiet, and more musically inclined. The books on the bookcase are mostly romance. This is also an indication of low openness because I tend to read only the same types of books.
My instagram is very disorganized. I do not have a theme and my pictures are in all different formats. I also do not post daily. Sometimes I post every day and sometime I post after 2-6 weeks. This shows that online I am not very conscientious. Because I do not like many people's photos and because I do not post alot, it shows that I am introverted. I post many different formats of pictures which shows that I am open to new experiences. You cannot tell how much my neruoticism is based on my profile.
Trait Approach

I think the trait approach described me fairly well. Only a few things were incorrect. I am a little more extroverted than the test made me seem. I also feel like I am a little less neurotic than the test results said. The openness to experience, conscientious, and agreeableness were pretty much accurate.
Psychoanalytic Approach

My personality in Freud's perspective would be more Libido (life force). I have alot of creativity and productivity in my life. He would also believe this because I became independent at an early age.
Phenomelogical Approach
I feel like i have more "The Good Life" and a little bit of "The Pleasant Life". I tend to get into the zone when I do things that I love like reading, watching shows, shopping, and listening to music. I have a little of the pleasant life becasue I am very mindful of experiences and love to experience new places and things.
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