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Example of plague effect on economy

No description

alex mcdonald

on 26 November 2011

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Transcript of Example of plague effect on economy

These deaths made things harder to come by, causing inflation. This also led to higher wages, with so many skilled workers dying and the price of living on the rise servants demanded to be paid for their efforts, the people offering jobs left empty from dying workers were willing to pay just to get the work done. Nearly all of the working population had died leaving the next generation of worker unable to do the jobs that their lives depended on. How did the black plague affect economy and what is an example? The black death epidemic had a massive effect on the economy of Renaissance Europe Most things that were bought, sold, and traded in villages or cities were brought in by ships. This is also where the first effects of the plague were felt. All shipyard workers were directly exposed to the rats that carry the disease infested fleas, most of these workers died. With the inflation and the increased wage that workers were paid, it became harder for the poor to live. For the rich, after the plague had come and left it was very hard to find skilled workers to hire. Here is an example:
If a carpenter, his son, and his apprentice had many broken tools and the only person in the village that knew how to fix them had died the tools would then remain broken. The carpenter along with his son and apprentice wouldn't be able to work and would then lose money. The family of this carpenter and the family of the apprentice would eventually die, either of starvation or the plague. If this happened to all of the carpenters then the next generation wouldn't be able to learn and would be poor, affecting the next generations economy. With the tools broken they wouldn't be able to work and would lose money. These men and their families would eventually die, either of starvation or plague. Then the next generation of carpenters wouldn't learn how to build and couldn't make money then would be poor. Affecting their economy.
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