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Data Governance Intake Process

No description

Ashley O'Donnell

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Data Governance Intake Process

Pending Action
Submit Issue Intake Form
Data Governance Intake Process
Owning Data Steward
Implement Action Plan

Document any revised business processes

Prepare training materials
Identify Issue
The data steward experiencing a data problem needs to explain that problem to the best of their ability, with examples when possible, relevant to the problem as stated. Follow directions on the form to send any related attachments to be included as pat of the description of this issue.
Determine the Overseeing Subcommittee

The Data Governance Committee designates the “owner” of the issue.

Need to define supports from DGC and when an "owner" would receive them (cabinet, budget, IT, FTE, etc)
Research & Planning
Assign Priority
The subcommittee needs to determine the priority of the issue based on the recommendations of the Data Governance Committee.
Develop an Action Plan
Facilitate the Community of Interest Towards Consensus

A community of interest is normally comprise of designated data stewards, although in some cases a data steward may ask to have an expert who is not a member of the Data Governance Council participate for the duration of one process. Facilitated by the "owning" data steward, they have additional responsibility as part of a group of stewards whose data crosses organizational boundaries, and which has to be shared with common definitions and values.Any decision or action regarding data that crosses organizational boundaries will be the result of collaboration and consensus, but it is the owning data steward, facilitating a Community of Interest group who is responsible for negotiating and communication of decisions. Any disagreements or differences in perceived need will be directed to the Executive Sponsorship group for resolution.
Submit a Proposed Schedule

Insert mock schedule outline
Provide Progress Reports

Create a form to add ease to adding to agendas?
During this part of the process, the owning data steward is working together with the community of interest group to implement the action plan that they developed together and presented to the Data Governance Committee.

Once the work is finished, they document any changes in business process that will be needed to make this revision happen, and prepare or recommend any necessary training.

When everything is in place, the owning data steward reports the full resolution to the Data Governance Committee.
The Data Governance Committee will meet ?bi-weekly/monthly?
Each issue will be reviewed by the Data Governance Committee agenda planning team
The Data Governance Committee agenda planning team will assign the issue to a future meeting date
The assigned owner will then be given proper notification to attend the meeting in which their issue is being reviewed

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