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The principles of effective communication in terms of general skills

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sehindemi ajayi

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The principles of effective communication in terms of general skills

The principles of effective communication General skills scenario
General communication skills is about the different kind of communication skills and how different people use this communication skills. general communication skills Cultural Differences There are five main points that covers the general skills Culture differences is the different ways that people communicate with each other. In different culture people use different ideas to greet and communicate some parts of the worlds people use signs,hand communication,whistling and also tongue clicking to greet people Engaging The Audience In any communication/conversation you have to engage
the audience/listeners.you can do this by having an eye to eye conversation or changing the tone of your voice this will help the audience to understand, remember, and act on the information you told them so they can share your ideas or info Questions and Answers Questions and answers is a way of communicating with somebody or sometimes a group of people this is achieved by asking questions for a reply and answering the questions. most of the time people ask people questions to understand their opinion and also to gather better information about the subject . accuracy-facts and opinions Accuracy in general communication is when you speak to any one with accuracy in;facts and opnion.This is frequently used in argument and debates to show your point, truth and also in some case people use emotive statements to show how they feel about the matter or issue and normally when they do, they gain the audience support because of the accuracy, facts and personal opinion Adapting To Suite And Audience Adapting to suit an audience; the way you talk face to face real life can be use to show your emotions, feelings and also to show how serious or unserious the matter/issue is.
Also if your selective in your choice of words to make sure that every one that is in your audience understands your tone. Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal communication scenario
Interpersonal communication is the process by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages Positive and negative language is frequently used in a lot of communication positive and negative language . Positive and negative language is when a person shows what they feel by acting the way they act.for an example if you hear a bad new/disappointing news you will use negative language because your pissed off and sad on the other hand if your happy you will use a positive language Positive and Negative language There are five main points in interpersonal skills speed of response Speed of response is the reaction that is normally given to the person that your your communicating with. speed of response is how slow or fast you react to what they say or do for example if you get slapped you will have a negative response .A way of responding to someone could be by using positive or negative body language.
Negative response smile,hug and kiss
Negative response slap,cry and shouting Barriers when Communicating Barriers in communication is when your prevented from communicating good face to face conversation with another person.
normally in a everyday conversation this are the normal barriers that prevents people from having a good face to face conversation;
The biggest barriers is Language the person your speaking to might not speak English
The person you might be talking to might be Hard of hearing so when you communicate with them you will think they are listening but they are not because of their hearing problems
Also the person your communicating with might not be intrested or paying attention in what your saying
Lack of concentration the person might not be intrested in t what your saying so they wont be concentrating
distractions the person your communicating with might be distracted normally distractions are caused by;mobile beeping/phone ringing,some reciving a message which might distract them from listening.
also background noise might cause a barrier to communication normally in most cases they are;humming,air conditioner going on,the sound of the clock when it ticks and also builders can causes background noise with there loud equipments
The potential barriers are;
air conditioner going on
sound of the clock
builders also cause barriers to effecive communication because the person your communication wouldn't be able to hear you cause of the noise
There are mechanisms that be used to to reduce/prevent the impacts of communication barriers
by using Hearing aids/using sign language.
Having a translator or being able to speak the same language as the person you are trying to communicate with that will help big time .
Paying attention and blocking out distractions
Letting the person you are communicating with know that you can’t hear them because of the surrounding noise.
tell the person your communicating with if there are any barriers Techniques and Queues in interpersonal skills the normal techniques and ques are;
Raised of voice which shows the anger and impatience in you
Body language also helps with techniques and ques
it can be used to express whats in your mind,this is normally used in text messaging,internet forums and also social networks.but the only disadvantage about emoticons is you cant use it in a formal letter of any type of communications that's formal its mostly use in informal chats and communications Communicating in writing The Unwritten Common Rules Of A Everyday Conversation Stop Talking (Don't talk, listen)
Be ready to listen(listen to the person carefully)
Remove all Distractions(focus on what the person is saying don't be distracted by anything)
listen to the person tone and language to know how serious or unserious the issue is
listen and response don't talk while the person your communicating isn't finish
Wait and Watch for Non-Verbal Communication(facial expressions e.t.c)
be patient n listen you the person your communicating with communications scenario in writing is when you write to some one in oral or through internet communication Written.communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written word. It is one of the two main types of communication along side with oral/spoken communication. smileys and emoticon Grammar and spelling it is important to write in correct grammar and also to spell things right in written communication.if there are spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes it can cause grammar and spellings guidelines Guidelines is like step to steps it guides you to the correct things maybe in some situations if you don't follow the guide lines you might get the sack because that's what your meant to do.
if your an employe you will be expected to follow the guide line because you aint as experience as the person who set the guidelines or in charge. Structure structure helps the reader understands more,the basic normal structure which is frequently used every where is
heading to show the title and the subject,
bullet points to show the important point so you don't have to read everything key messages There's always a key message in every written communication normally the key message is on the title/heading or normally people put subheading to show important facts Capitalization capitalization are often used at the start of a sentence or nouns and also in acronyms like WUU2
in some cases people use it to show how serious they are and normally the end the message with a exclamation mark Identifying Relevance In any letter or email you have to identify relevant information and high light key information.it is really important to know specific information/facts.normally the relevant information is really use to the reader Alternative Viewpoints alternative view point are used to present alternative view point like reports or letters Proof Reading Proofreading is like a process of checking looking for errors with in a piece of work like essay and documents.in any work you do its important to check you your work for acurracy.normally people draft a mail before sending it to proof read it and to check for spelling mistakes and errors.so basically proofreading is checking in details how accurate your work is Note Taking Note taking is about critics on your work for example if your present a presentation to your colleagues they will critic you on what to add more and what to improve to make your presentation better.by doing this they will review your work and they will give you a feedback Attributes Explanation of why this valued organisational skills Organisational skills is the way you organise your work and also it links with time management and also task organisational skills can also means the way you organise your group.this is valued because you would be able to organise your work neatly so it wont get messes up and this can lead to confusing in the work business.and also if you organise your work in folders and shelf it would be easy to find good working producers good working procedures is linked with health and safety and security issues. good working Procedures are important because it teaches safety and also the importance's of the rules that is in the jobs so it shows the rules you have to follow.all companies expects and require employees to follow their procedures (rules).the reson why company brings the rules is cause It keeps the company out of trouble because if all employees are following a set of rules that is set by the company then things will run much better and smoother and they wont fail health and saftey producres.good working producers also tell us that if your employee is unwell you give him a holiday which gives he or she time to recover and to get better by doing this is prevents other employees from getting the same illness work attitudes Work attitudes refer to; the way you approach your job any boss wouldn’t like a employee who is late to work very constantly. Work attitude also means the way you behave towards fellow employee. Planing skills This is refers to the way you plan with a group/team. If you have a very good planning skill your group would be very organized and this can lead to success in the group.in every situation you have to write a plan.in planing you most think about strategy objectives Time management Time management is refer to been able to finish a certain task or assessment in a set of time.in time management you need to take control of the time by using a diary protect your time space (don't be interrupted),watch the time,set agendas and you have to complete the agendas in a specif time creativity creativity is about making up ideas from the top of your head and sometimes people say thinking out of the box bringing up ideas and suggestions which can be really useful to others around you or to everyone Independence Independence is when you work by yourself without any help from a collage.som you wont be depending on others for completing a task Determination Determination is when your determined to achieve a aim or anything that you’re willing to do anything to complete the aim/task.by been determined it brings you success Team working Team work is the process of working together with a group of people in order to achieve a goal within the group.when team working you have to have a each leader and also other people who do specific jobs for each person would have specific role in the team so the team would word well together.In team work there has to be responsibility in every member team member to achieve a task/aim Confidence Confidence is the ability to perform in front of a stage or crowd confidence is also defined has having Trust or faith in anything.by this you be able to present presentation in front of people and talk clearly to the crowds employers would love to have employee with good confidence. Problem solving Problem solving is like a procedure of working through details of a problem to reach a solution.this is very valued in any work place because your employe would expect you to sort things and solve problems by your self so you wont rely on the employe every time
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