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Making an essay

No description

Kris Johnston

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Making an essay

Everything must hold the Thesis up
Writing an Essay
Paragraph #1
One supporting point that PROVES/ILLUSTRATES your thesis statement
Paragraph 2
Another point that PROVES/ILLUSTRATES the thesis statement
Paragraph 3
Last paragraph that PROVES/ILLUSTRATES thesis statement
An Essay
Begin with a point: Thesis statement
What is the essay about? what is your opinion about it?
Support the point: Plan of Action
What are the specific points that PROVE/ILLUSTRATE the opinion about the topic?
This is a paragraph:
Topic sentence
must have a reason for appearing first--shows organization
Use transitions: first, to begin with, best, most, least, etc.
Working in an apple plant was the worst job I ever had. (Topic: Working in the apple plant; Opinion: the worst job)

Plan--prove the opinion about the topic (why should reader believe the opinion of thesis?): physically hard, low pay, poor working conditions
This is a paragraph:
Topic sentence
why is this one second?
Use transitions: next, later, second, then, etc.
First, my apple plant job was the worst because it was physically hard.
Offer evidence:
-rolled cartons down track and stacked them
-12 tons of apple juice
-add heavy metal track
Offer specifics (illustrations)
-this one time...
Second, the apple plant job was the worst because the pay was low.
Offer evidence:
-minimum wage plus a quarter for night shift
-pay was so low I had to work a lot of overtime
-after 60 hour work week, still only had $220 take home pay
Offer specifics (illustrations)
-one week I worked....
A paragraph
Topic sentence
why is this one last?
Use transitions: last, finally, best, worst, etc.
The worst part of my apple plant job was the working conditions.
Offer evidence:
-uncaring supervisor
-two minute break, no paid lunch
-no companionship with co-workers
-had to scrub vats alone
Basic Outline:
Introduction paragraph
Attention Getter
Background information/Audience appeal
Thesis (topic and your opinion):
Body paragraph #1
Topic sentence:
Body paragraph #2
Topic sentence:
Body paragraph #3
Topic sentence:
Conclusion paragraph
Restate thesis
Recap main points
"Get us Out" statement
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