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Katelyn's Chasing Vermeer

No description

M2K Kids

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Katelyn's Chasing Vermeer

Katelyn's Picasso Project
The Old Guitarist
I chose Picasso's
The Old Guitarist
first because I love
how all the colors interact with each other, and fit perfectly.
Femme Aux Bras Croisés
I chose F
emme Aux Bras Croisés
because of how realistic the painting is. The detail is extraordinary.
Ma Jolie
I chose Picasso's
Ma Jolie
because I love how abstract it is and how ancient it looks.
Three Musicians
Jacqueline With Flowers
Jacqueline With Flowers
Thank you for your time!
Picasso's inspiration was his close friend's death. This painting was a metaphor for how grief can heal the soul.
Picasso painted
Femme Aux Bras Croisés
because of his depression. Picasso was very depressed so he made the women in his painting look depressed. Picasso's depression was his inspiration.
Picasso's inspiration for
Ma Jolie

was his love for music. The inspiration for the title came from his lover, Marcelle Humbert.
Three Musicians
is one of my favorites.
I chose this painting because it is abstract and you can imagine several different things in this painting.
Like many other of Picasso's paintings,
Three Musicians
was inspired by Picasso's love of music.
is a piece of art. I was fascinated by the stupendous flower work of Picasso.
Picasso's newlywed wife (Jacqueline Roque) inspired Picasso to paint a personal picture of her. Jacqueline Roque was the inspiration for
Jacqueline with Flowers.
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