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Mud House Mansion

No description

aaliyah salyers

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Mud House Mansion

Mud House Mansion
Lulu hartman-Mast inherited the property
Her decedents still own the land today
just east of Lancaster, at 4730 Mudhouse Road.
There are multiple tales to the story, one is that back in the civil war times that there was a general there that had kept slaves in the out house at night they had dug their way out and went in the house and slaughtered the family. The second one is that its the original home of bloody mary. Also, a family committed suicide in the house because the house told them to.
House was first built between 1840-1850
The old mud house tavern used to stand where Zane trace crossed Mud house Rd.
1-5 questions
1: Who is in your legened? A: Slave owner, Family of 5.
2:where is it located? A: 4730 Mudhouse rd.
3: ""
4:Is there more than one version of your legened?
5: when did your legend begin? A: 1892 a slave slaughtered his owner.
6-10 Questions
6: In your opinion is the most interesting thing? A: all the murders.
7: What is one thing you want people to remember? a: You can visit the house.
8: Why is your legend still one? A: the house still stands
9: If you wanna read more? A: forgotten oh
10: Is there any truth to this legend? A: Not sure
The house sets on private property.
You could get a fine or face jail time
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