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Introducing Zendesk

No description

Cherub Kumar

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Introducing Zendesk

Introducing Zendesk

What if we do nothing?
What if we...
Continue to rely entirely on email?
Keep the documentation as is and update only on a need to need basis?
Ticket Management
What is a ticket??
-A conversation between a requester and assignee that can be solved (question/issue)
How is a ticket created?
-In our case, Email or Web Form
Ticket status?
New -> Open -> Pending -> On-Hold -> Solved -> Closed
The Current Situation
Email is the primary mode of communication and support
Lab Documentation is currently scattered across multiple locations as Word documents
Much of the documentation is outdated and irrelevant
Desired State
A well organized, easy to access knowledge base for the lab
Primary resource for up to date lab information
Contains FAQs, Training materials, and other materials that encourage self-help

A simple, clean interface for providing support without the limitations of email
Makes it easier to both provide and receive support
Facilitates productive collaboration
What does it cost?
Starter plan is $36/year for 3 support agents
Agent = user who can respond to questions and moderate the Knowledge Base
Zendesk provides an easy to use solution for organizing and sharing information within the lab. It also allows for better support/collaborative problem solving by moving the conversation out of email.
What will Zendesk do for us?
Streamline getting and providing support
Make it easier to share and access information within the lab
Encourage collaborative problem solving
Allow staff to focus more of their time on research
Help Center - simple, easy to use
Customer Portal
Knowledge Base
Facilitates group collaboration with internal notes, CC's and group threading of conversations
Training, Repetitive inquiries and FAQ can be deflected to KB
My Recommendation
Create a well organized, online Knowledge Base for our lab
Manage support requests using Zendesk's ticket management
Use Zendesk to improve collaboration on issues
What is wrong with this?
Email is an ineffective group communication tool
No easy way for members to access possibly useful information from conversations they weren't a part of
Email inboxes can get disorganized very easily -> reduces productivity
The disorganized state of our current lab documentation is seriously limiting it's usefulness to the lab
Nothing new to learn
Save money ($36/year)
Spend time on other projects
Lab documentation remains inaccessible and generally unhelpful
Loss of information because of the closed nature of email
Inefficient use of staff time to answer repetitive questions
Decreased productivity from disorganization
Having an accessible Knowledge Base promotes self-help
Repetitive inquiries can be deflected to the KB
Can be used to assist training
Facilitates in the sharing of information
Lots of planning involved in determining what to put in the KB
Additional time needed to create the articles in the KB
Support requests handled in a central location outside of email
Allows for easy group collaboration
Agent interface streamlines replying to support requests
Views, Triggers, Automation, and Tags help organize and automate tickets
Integrated with email
Easy to setup
Involves learning how to use some new tools
Involves adjusting some parts of lab workflow
Very affordable (goes to charity)
Unlimited end-users (people getting support and accessing the KB)
Starter plan meets our requirements
No Community section in Starter Plan
Limited to three agents
Price increases drastically for all subsequent plans ($300/agent/yr)
Affordable yet meets our requirements
Only 3 agents -- but enough for us
Centralized location for requesting help
Organized, accessible Knowledge Base
Relevant, accessible documentation will promote self-help
Facilitates group collaboration
Online, Easy to use
Need to learn how to use the tool
Planning and organizing the site and new workflows will be time intensive
Limited to 3 agents
No Community section
Next Steps...
Decide what to put in the KB
Separate Category for each role
Research Staff, RA, IT, Graduate Student
Training materials
Frequently Asked Questions
Create a workflow for future support requests to go through Zendesk.

Open to any suggestions!
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
What is Zendesk?
Online tool for providing support or answering questions
Purpose: To simplify the process of receiving and providing help
Knowledge Base
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