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July Presentation

Key Points for how to reach audience

Carol Harris-Fike

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of July Presentation

July Presentation Wow Factor Ponder Factor My Work Factor Extrospection Introspection 5 LE JICT Images Unusual Inspiring 5 Life Energies:
The Choice You Have
In How Energy
Shapes Your Life
demonstrates the
connection of BEL
& how it is important
to shift the flow of
energy to change
emotionas & langaage.
JICT Images: Journey
with Intuition & Creative
for Transformation is
a set of 72 cards w/manual
that take any group to
the heart of the matter.
Each card has a photo
image that is a metaphor
created by the viewer.
The images evoke emotions
& reveal new insights. Every
picuture also includes a "coaching
question." Inspiration Factor Unique Ability Ways to Discover Ask others Remembrance Practice Impact Statement what only is...
or will ever be yours Earth Energy Flow http://jictimages.blogspot.com http://5LifeEnergies.com
or Amazon prezi.com
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