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Rizal in America By irvette

A prezi for jose rizal sub

Irvette Mae Payad

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Rizal in America By irvette

Rizal's Impression of America
Rizal's Travel Obsevation :
Train trip across America (May 6-13, 1888)
> In Oakland he boarded a train trip across the American continent. He took his supper in Sacramento for only 75¢.
May 13, Rizal reach New York City, that end his trip across American Continent. He calls the New York as "Big Town".
Rizal stayed in New York for 3 days, he spent his day by visiting different scenic and historical places.
The steamer "Belgic" arrived in San Francisco Docked.
Palace Hotel - He register at the PALACE HOTEL , for $4 a day which included everything that he needs.
Dupont Street ->Which is now known as Grant Avenue.
> In May 7, Rizal woke up in Reno, Nevada now glamorized as " The Biggest Little City in the World."
> In May 6, Rizal left the San Francis for Oakland by Ferry Boat.
Monday – Rizal saw an Indian attired in a semi-European suit.
Tuesday, Rizal near Orgen – good system of irrigation, this place could be cultivated. Utah State – the 3rd state he passed over. The banks of Salt Lake are more beautiful then over thing. In Provo, he ate for 75¢.
Wednesday – Rizal woke up at Colorado – the 5th state he crossed over and has more trees than the 3 states he passed over.
Thursday – Rizal woke up at Nebraska – a plain country then he reached Omaha – the biggest city since he left San Francisco. The Missouri River – twice as wide as the Pasig River in its widest part, and he reached Illinois’.
Friday - Rizal woke up at Chicago – this country was cultivated and he observed that every cigar store has an Indian Figure and always different.
Saturday – a good Wagner Car – were proceeding in a fine day. He arrived at English Territory (Canada – Z).
- country was beautiful and populated, and he saw the Niagara Falls – not so beautiful nor so fine as the falls at Los Banos ( sic Pansanjan – Z), but much bigger and more imposing.
Sunday – Rizal worked up near Albany – a big city. The Hudson river – carries many boats and the grand transcontinental trip ended on Sunday. May 13, at 11:30am.
George Washington - According to Rizal, Washington is a great man who he think has no equal in his country.
May 16, 1888 – Rizal left New York for Liverpool on board the City of Rome – this steamer was the second largest being the Great Eastern”. Rizal saw the Collosal Statue of Liberty of Bedloe Island as his ship steamed out of New York Harbor.
Good Impression
1.) Material progress of the country.

2.) Drive and energy of the People

3.) Natural beauty of the land.

4.) High standard of living.

5.) Opportunities for better life.
Bad Impression
1.) Racial discrimination.

2.) American's talk about "Principles of democracy and freedom" but do not practice.

3.) America is the land par excellence of freedom but only for the whites.
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