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Tuck Everlasting

No description

Carissa Burt

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting
By:Natalie Babbitt

In the exposition,the setting is that it they are in a little village with a few houses and their are many fields along with a wood. It takes place in the first week of August there has been no rain or thunder just pure sun and it is past tense. The main character is Winnie Foster she is a 10 year old girl and her parents/grandma are way over protective. She never gets to do anything all she does is watch a frog sit and do nothing all day like her. She just wishes for one day to be free from her parents and grandma.
Rising Action
Winnie was clueless but, they just wanted to know if she knew there secret. Winnie was told not to tell their secret, other wise it will go wrong. Her family was worried and they began to look everywhere for her. Days after the man in the yellow suit found the Tucks house and then…. BOOM!!! It was over.

The turning point is that Mae shoots the man in the yellow suit in the skull with a shotgun. She did that because he was going to take Winnie away from them forever. Mae was in trouble, the constable was with the man in the yellow suit so, he raced back down the trail to get help but, it was too late. The man in the suit was dead a perfect head shot. BULLSEYE!! Mae is going to be in a tough situation she will go to jail but will they kill her or not?
Rising Action
In the rising action,Winnie Foster is outside and she is watching a frog do nothing just like her they could be great friends. Later on a man walks up and he asked for her father the man in the yellow suit was trying to make them sell their wood but, it didn’t work.
Death is upon us so live a good life and you won't regret it. Do the right thing no matter what is at stake.
What if you could live forever?
What if you could live forever?
Rising Action
The next morning Winnie went outside to see if the frog was there. No he wasn't there only an older boy drinking out of there stream in the wood. Their eyes met then all of a sudden his family showed up and kidnapped her. Winnie thought they were nice people they wouldn't hurt a fly they just figure that she knew something important to them.
My Tuck Everlasting

Feel the water upon my lips
To forever live life
A wonderful dream
Where we can always love.

Running in the meadow
With the one I love
Holding onto his secrets
Loving his trusting hold.

They live forever
And they’ll never die
Do I drink from the spring?
And join Jesse my love
Or do I live life
Where someday I will die?

These dilemmas prove true
When I am forced to choose
Stay with my love until the end of time,
Or live my life full and true
Until my time to die.

Love is a wonderful thing
But life should always end
Someday I will love again
But this family will always have a place
Very close to my heart.
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Thank you!!!
Example:Tuck is having the dream of his family in heaven.He desires to live and die. They can never have the circle of life.

Example:Tuck and Mae hear a noise from the wood. The spring will be found. Their secret will be out and everybody will want to live forever. Then the population will be over the extreme and no one will die, so no circle of life.
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