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Georgia's Regions: Valley & Ridge

No description

kimberly wennerholm

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Georgia's Regions: Valley & Ridge

Georgia's Regions: Valley & Ridge
Valley & Ridge
Kimberly Wennerholm
Ms. Fielder
Georgia Studies
5th Period
Population: 547,771
•Population density- 2,290 ppl per square mile

•Bartow county is the biggest county with population of 100,157

•White- 66,734 87.8%
•Black- 6,600 8.7%
•Native American- 214 0.3%
•Asian- 386 0.5%
•Native Hawaiian- 21 0.0%
•Other- 2,064 2.7%

Natural Resources
•Lake Allatoona
•Etowah River
•good farmland/pastures

•Rock City on Lookout Mountain

•Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

•Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway
•Brown Mackie College

•Georgia Highlands College
What to see...
•Tellus Museum
• Etowah Indian mounds
•Booth Western Art Museum
•The Grand Theatre
•Public Square Opera House
•Rock City
•Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway
View from Rock City on Lookout Mtn.
Population Growth
Ridge and Valley is a region with many appealing qualities. It has many natural resources to fuel a steady economy. Their unemployment rate is only 3.7% which means that most everybody there is living a comfortable life and contributing to the economy. This region provides a relaxed country lifestyle with its many natural wonders. They are known for they're majestic Appalachian Mountains and national parks. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the many attractions available. Despite all the good however, Georgia's Ridge and Valley has only increased about 1,000 in population in the last three years. I believe that not many people would want to move there because the cities are small and there aren't many opportunities. That is why I would reason that the population of Ridge and Valley will have little to no growth over the years.
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