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AP Human Geo Midterm

Sara Davidovich

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Kenya

Music Clothing Recreation Folk Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport Languages English Food Drums Track And Field Pop Culture Rap(Genge or Kapuka) Traditional Kenyan Tribes dance to mark event or ceremony Children have own dances and must master a number of dances before performing Adult Dances Show love to Mother Earth Rugby
Netball also popular Swahili Influences: Sheng Religion Diffusion of Pop Culture in Kenya Agriculture -Indian -Portuguese Export Crops Tobacco Cotton Sports Coffee Tea Dance Pyrethrum - British Kikuyu Kikuyu Luhya tea drinkers Kalenjin Luo and Kisli Talk to ancestors Live in the highlands Enemy: Maasai Ethnic Issues 2008 Election Dominate nations politics Ugali Irio folklore: soil and men tree burial migrated from Sudan about 2000 years ago. oral tradition (animals)
"I tell you"
Burial in shamba (farm)
Enemy: Kikuyu
Smokers British Bantu "Jambo" Niger-Congo Massai Christianity Islam Indigenous Religions hate crimes toward witchcraft Hindu, Sikh, Baha'i British colonization Drink blood of cattle on special occasions Major obstacle in creating a united Kenya Caused by colonial rule, British played groups against each other Warrior Nation British & French missionaries Mixed with indigenous culture Swahili born CONFLICT 2012 Muslim cleric assassinated Somali problem ancestory spirites older way of life British colonization CONFLICT no jobs with British passport Believe spiritual leaders reborn as snakes -Soccer: British Luo vs. Kikuyu drive out 20,000 Kikuyus Kalenjin vs. Kikuyu kill 800 and 300,000 displaced non-Kikuyus Anti-Kikuyu Rigged election or corrupt leaders?? Before Independence 2009 drought 1999 Census Blood shed for independence Majimboism The indigenous Kenyan people Fertile Land Peace Sheild: They will always defend their independence Obokharo (lyre) Piracy Environment & Isolation Highlands Globalization kinship bride wealth Portuguese 1800s missionaries Mixes with indigenous culture Islam Arabs - Swahili CONFLICT 2012 Muslim cleric assassinated Somali issue ancestory spirits CONFLICT no job with British passport Luo and Kisli twins: bad spirits kinship bride wealth speak Dholuo speak Ekegusii dissect dead for witchcraft highest murder rate must give birth Luo with leadership -Technology: -increases efficiency -speeds up globalization - reduces death rates Various cultures Rural to urban Culture lost Otterlo Business Corp. - Mexican Soap Operas/ T.V. Shows : Popular Arabs
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