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Merry Mount

No description

Adriana Araujo

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Merry Mount

Merry Mount
My perspective
All these 3 story had the May-pole, the puritans, Merry Mount, happiness in common. My perspective on these would be that they had fights and may about the may-pole and other things too . All towards the end it happiness and getting drunk. At least the people of Merry Mount did not have to choose if they die or become a puritans they didn't have choices to pick from the last two stories.
In "May-pole of Merry Mount" by Nathaniel Hawthrae, the puritans are viewed (negative). They were contending an empire, "Gloom"(172). The puritans are described as Gloom because they are evil. Puritans punished them by whipping them, "branding and cropping off ears"(181). They think they control the land. The action of puritans show that they are heartless and dark.
In "Mr.Morton of Merry Mount" by William Bradford the colonists of Merry Mount are described as negative. CW sells the servants in Virginia , "merchant"(126). The colonist are described as sellers or traders because they are selling servants. What the puritans do to The Merry Mount is cut the May-pole, rebuked, admonished them, change the name to Mount Dragon, "Better walking"(127). They did it because it was the government of Massachusetts orders. According to Bradford, the colonists of Merry Mount are good people, just not the puritans.
In "Of the Revells of New Canaan" by Thomas Morton. The Merry Mount are viewed positive. They talk about going to Mery Mount to find happiness, "Refuge"(1). The Merry Mount are described as refuge because they are always happy. Merry Mount values happiness life and nectar, "free from scorne"(2). Merry Mount values this because it free them from hate/dislike because they are always 1. happy, 2. drunk, 3. refuge. They are viewed as a happy people and value so much from Merry Mount.
My Opinion

In the first paragraph, the beginning of story was exciting because of the two lovely couple getting married and than towards the end it killed it because they had to choose to death or to make babies. The puritans were evil and dark but MOSTLY heartless.
In the second paragraph, the beginning is story it was people having affairs and towards the end they drink and get drunk off of nectar. Merry Mount people are viewed as good people because they already have a routine by being happy, getting drunk and rebuked.
In the last paragraph it talks about how the puritans are going to cut down the May-pole and change the name of it to "Mount Dragon." Also talks about the Captain sells salves other than that the puritans are not good people but the Merry Mount are.
By: Adriana Araujo
Period 3
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