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Native American

No description

Andrea Gaona

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Native American

United States Southwestern Tribes
Cultural Values
Attitudes towards work and Ethics
Very non materialistic society that often is misunderstood as being lazy.
Office practices and Etiquette
Gentle Handshake during introductions
Collabaration and Harmony
Common to wear a traditional accessory such as a necklace or bracelet.
If a mistake in etiquette is made a sincere apology will usually correct the matter.

Mix of capitalism and socialism
Unemployment rate: 11.3%
Main exports/imports: pottery, baskets...
Currency: Trade system, or wampum
High/low context: High
Informal Language/slang: Friends and family only
Use of and response to silence: Intentional
Business communication (Direct or indirect): Indirect (Situational)

Conflict Resolution and Negotiating Style
Mixed Religions
Ancestral Rituals
Medicine Wheel
Defining Native American

Southwest Tribes:
Apache, Hopi, Navajo, and Zumi

Blood quantum requirement: 1/4 , 1/8

Steven Beegley, Kacey Brummet, Josh Dodson, David Fitzgerald, Andrea Gaona

The Native Americans today are drawing in the attention of the nation with their current $554 million dollar settlement to the Navajo tribe.

Jobs are typically completed in the order in which it needs to be finished

Directed towards a distinct purpose
High regard for "Elders"
Deep respect for the Earth
Public & Private Schools
Specialized Grants & Scholarships
Colleges & Universities
Who Leads Negotiation: Elders: Men/Women
Relationship building(as part of negotiating): Mutualism/Nonverbal orientation
Conflict resolution: Turn taking and pause time
(problemsolving) (compromise) bring about agreement through good feelings.
0.15% of Population
Red: birth and the spiritual life
Yellow: growth and emotional life
Black: maturity and physical life
White: death and intellectual life

Now is the time to actively start giving back!

Multi-million dollar settlement compensation payment

Capable of marketing infrastructures, sales pitches, and business management
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