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Strasbourg Cathedral

No description

Shiraz Harel

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral
By: Shiraz Harel and Melissa Toussimehr

Role in History
Key Features
Has a pink sandstone color from stones of the Vosges Mountains and because of pollution
Gothic style and Franco-German mixture
Famous astronomical clock called L'horloge de Trois Rois; built in the Renaissance and stopped working in the 16th century
Stained glass windows that show the story of the bible
Colorful rose windows
Famous Spire called Pilier des Anges with an octagonal base.
One main tower, a decorated pulpit, and pillars of angles.
332 steps to reach the narthex.
142 meters tall; for 4 centuries it was the tallest building in the world
Status Today
The Strasbourg Cathedral is still open today for tourists
There are services everyday
It is still a Catholic Church
Famous People
Victor Hugo, Goethe, and Stendhal are a few famous people that were inspired and have visited the Strasbourg Cathedral
Erwin Von Steinbach was a famous German architect that contributed to the cathedral.
Ulrich Ensingen was also a German architect that contributed the the spire.
Construction and Early History
First built in 1015 in Bishop Werner Von Habsburg as a Romanesque Basilica style church
A fire burned it down in 1176
Re-built in the end of the 12th century with the donations of the citizens.
It took over 3 centuries to build because of the lack of money
In 1521 it became a protestant church
In 1681 it was returned back to the Catholics and Virgin Mary.
The spire was nearly destroyed in the French Revolution. There was a metal cap to cover the spire and protect it
A bomb shelling in 1870 and in 1944 caused damage, but it was restored.
Survived the French Revolution, Franco-Prussian war, World War 1 and World War 2
In the French Revolution the cathedral became one of the targets of anger
The new regime wanted to tear down the 1 spire because it "hurt the principle of equality"
when Strasbourg citizens heard this, they covered it with a Phrygian cap (the symbol of the revolution)
The distraction worked and the spire still stands today
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