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No description

nina yang

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Sales

By: Nina Yang, Michelle Li, Alex Yan, Eric Zhong, Austin Ye
Dollar Tree
Party City
Kmart has a very clean home page.
And the amount of items that you can look at and buy is plentiful. The home page isn't too bland or too colorful.
Drop-Down Menus
Easy Layout
A Search Bar!
The most appealing thing in the website I surveyed is the color and the big main advertisements that pop up on the front page. It has a drop-down menu that saves space and extremely organized. It has a very big search bar at the very front.
The least appealing thing in the website I surveyed is how everything is so big so a lot of things pop up.
The Kmart website has small pictures for each item, and there is a lot of writing on each page.
Why Pick Dollar Tree?
Because everything's $1!
Search Bar
"Cheaper than any other store!"- The Wall Street Paper
"Great quality for a great price!"- The New York Journal
"I love paying only dollars for holiday shopping!"- Happy customer

Walmart Comparison
Drop down menus
Search Bar
Walmart is one of the most popular shopping websites. What separates it from the rest is how it is very organized and makes very well use of space. It has the trending and most popular deals on the very front page.
Kmart Comparison
On Kmart you can sort your search by relevance, top sellers, most viewed, prices low to high, prices high to low, top rated, and date added to site. You can also change how many items on each page.
What I like:
On Kohls, they can sort by featured, new releases, best sellers, price low to high, price high to low, and the highest rated in the site.
many links, drop down menus, and catagories
easy navigation
Easy to refine your search
The reason most people would shop on Kohls instead of Kmart is because of the easier way of searching and the quicker way of reaching the product best for you.
Least Appealing:
some unuseful links
Dollar Tree
Most Appealing:
easy use Search Bar
many links
very colorful

13.30 for a plate?
Refining your search
What I don't like:
The coustume link is too big
Comparing Party City to Kohls
Party City
making your search easier
Many ways to refine your search
lots of links
Huge link on home page
Bright colors
Less colorful but more visually appealing
shows information quickly
Why people buy products from
Kohl's online

It has a simple designed website
product usually fits mailing (clothes mostly)
has good online deals
doesn't have as many ads as Macy's
shows if item is online only
It is usually a closer store to return products
it has more varieties of a specific type of clothing than Macy's
Kohl's has a policy of free shipping with $75 or more and Macy's has the policy of free shipping with at least $99
shows if rated and what it was rated as
shows if item is online only
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