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Colors can be used to visually translate a range of emotions and express our feelings.

Michelle Poirier

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Fauvism

Developed in France at the beginning of the 20th Century by Henri Matisse and Andre Derain
Used to describe the artist's feelings about a subject rather than what it looked like
Fauvists used color at maximum intensity to represent the sheer joy of expression
Colors that can be used to visually translate a range of emotions
is associated with fire and blood
used to represent danger, anger, and violence
also associated with affairs of the heart: love and passion.
The key to a successful painting using such exaggerated color is to simplify your drawing
If you intensify the quality of color, you must reduce the amount of detail used in drawing the forms
By applying the same kind of simplification and spontaneity to your drawing as to the brushwork, you amplify the sense of JOY
Was not a formal movement with a manifesto of rules
It was a movement of artists coming together to express themselves
They used bold colors, simplified drawing, and expressive brushwork.
Matisse and Derain painted with outrageously bold and exaggerated colors.
They were nicknamed "Les Fauves" which meant "Wild Beasts"
"The Open Window" Henri Matisse
"Charing Cross Bridge" Andre Derain
"In Paul Gauguin's 'Vision after the Sermon', Jacob wrestles with the angel in a blood red field of spiritual battle, an apt metaphor for his internal struggle against the will of God."
symbolizes creativity, change, energy and endurance
it combines elements of the colors used to mix it: the creative passion of red with the energy and joy of yellow.
"'Orange and Yellow' is the door to an inferno of color with a radiant energy that invites the spectator to open their emotions to "a spiritual kinship with primitive and archaic art".
color of the sun - the life support for our planet
represents life, energy, happiness, hope and wisdom.
"Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' expresses the radiance of sunshine rather than giving us a detailed description of what the flowers look like. Van Gogh uses yellow as the symbol of hope and friendship as the 'Sunflower' series was painted to welcome his friend Paul Gauguin to the Yellow House in Arles."
the color of plants and grass
the color of nature
associated with health and growth
also used to represent more negative traits such as envy and inexperience.
"Cézannes painting of 'The Bridge at Maincy' is a woodland sanctuary of a myriad of greens which bathe the scene in a magical emerald light."
coolest and most calming of all the colors
color of the sky, represents heaven
associated with religion
color of the ocean
represents freshness, purity, and hygiene
"The calmness of blue is seldom more visible than in this 'nocturne' of the River Thames by Whistler. The view is at twilight from Battersea looking across to Chelsea."
color of royalty, wealth, power, and luxury
historically, purple dyes were rare and expensive. Only the rich and powerful could afford to wear clothes of this luxurious color.
"Catherine II, known as Catherine the Great, supported the development of the arts, literature and education in Russia. She is portrayed here wearing a gown of the finest purple silk draped with ermine robes, clothes worthy of her noble status."
color of earth, wood, and stone
evokes craftsmanship and the great outdoors
represents humility: a down to earth virtue.
"Vincent Van Gogh uses a dark earthy palette to reflect the humility of the subject matter. These are the tired old shoes of a humble peasant. Van Gogh paints this image in rugged earthy browns to suggest the hardship of their owner's life and to pay respect to the dignity of manual labour."
associated with darkness
represents death, evil, witchcraft, fear, and mourning.
"'The Widow' by Käthe Kollwitz deals with the wretched human tragedy of World War 1. This is a desolate image of a grief stricken wife who is embracing the memory of her departed husband. Black is the only appropriate color for such a sad and distressing subject."
color of metal and stone
negative associations with weather, boredom, decay and old age
mixture of black (death) and white (peace) and is the color of ashes and dust
also associated with death and mourning.
"'Goat Skull, Bottle, and Candle' by Pablo Picasso is a still life that addresses the idea of our mortality: the skull is a symbol of death and the candle is the transient flame of life."
represents light, peace, purity and goodness
"Kazimir Malevich developed a geometric style of abstract art which he called Suprematism. He believed that pure abstract form had a spiritual power with an ability to open the mind to ‘the supremacy of pure feeling’ and there was no purer color for that purpose than white."
What are some characteristics of the Fauvist style?
"Portrait of Andre Derain" Henri Matisse
"Woman With a Hat" Henri Matisse
What does RED symbolize?
What does ORANGE symbolize?
What does YELLOW symbolize?
What does GREEN symbolize?
What does BLUE symbolize?
What does PURPLE symbolize?
What does BROWN symbolize?
What does BLACK symbolize?
What does GREY symbolize?
What does WHITE symbolize?
"Portrait of Henri Matisse" Andre Derain
"Tugboat on The Seine" Maurice de Vlaminck
"A Glimpse of Notre Dame in Late Afternoon"
Henri Matisse
Your task is to utilize the Fauvist style to create an emotional painting. The goal is to communicate inner joy by exaggerating color while the challenge is to simplify your drawing as to not compete with your color scheme.

You will create either a self portrait or a still life using large brushes, intense color, and simplified forms. A successful painting will express the sheer joy of creating artwork.
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