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Native Americans in South Carolina

No description

Trinidy wyatt

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Native Americans in South Carolina

The Catawba did not use money, but instead traded resources.ygjugiuiuhiujknbg
More than 30 tribes were located in the surrounding areas. Some of these tribes are: Catawba, Pee Dee, Chicora, Edisto, Santee, Yamassee, Chicore-Waccamaw, and Cherokee.
Diseases/ Illnesses Brought by Settlers
The Native Americans were introduced to many diseases brought by the Europeans. This list consists of: small pox, measles, influenza, bubonic plague, and many more. With poor medical help, around 18 million Native Americans were killed from these illnesses.
Tribes that were Located in this Region
Economic System and Government of the Catawba
Why the Catawba settled in this Location
The Catawba tribe settled along the coast for fertile land and resources that were provided. They needed the water to grow plants such as: corn, beans, acorns, chestnuts, strawberries, and plums.
How the Settlers and Native Americans Found a Resolution
In the 16th Century the Spanish forced the Yamasee War over to what would have been South Carolina. When the tribe and English Settlers in that region were starting to be equal, during the late 17 century, the races started coming to a conflict. Some Native Americans even migrated to North Carolina for safety. In the end the Native Americans signed a treaty in 1761.
Native Americans
in South Carolina


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The cheif of the Catawba tribe was Samuel Taylor Blue. The did not use money, but instead traded resources. They traded items like: animal hides, food, building materials, and supplies. Houses were sometimes built into the Earth or were built using bricks.
By: Trinidy, Caylin, Makayla, and Tyler
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