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Copy of Military Technology

No description

Lok Tin Chan

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Military Technology

Firearms & Optics
Ground forces, such as the U.S Marine Corps or the Canadian Army use hand held weapons and heavy armor to accomplish their tasks and missions. Technology greatly assists them in the field of combat, whether it is for targeting the enemy or sending information back to their respective bases. Ground forces are used in almost all conflicts, from low profile stealth missions to full scale conflicts. They use various pieces of equipment and technology such as.......
What is military technology?
Military Technology is the collection of weapons, vehicles, computers and advanced systems that are outfitted for combat. This includes
Reconnaissance aircraft,
Safety precautions
However, the military is trained to protect civilians with such powerful weapons and technology.

Military Technology By Lok Tin Chan & Halton Quach
Military Factions and their Purpose
Typically, the military of any country is split into three factions: Aerial, Ground and Naval forces. For example, Canada's defense force is divided into the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy.
Ground Combat Technology
Rifles, pistols, grenade launchers and rockets are all examples of firearms used by ground troops. Modern rifles are typically outfitted with laser sights, infrared optics and digital telescopic sights. These pieces of technology help soldiers calculate distance between them and the target.
Vehicles and Technology
Soldiers typically use modified vehicles suited for their needs, outfitted with weapons, computers and long range communications. Tanks are examples of a vehicle outfitted with next generation targeting and communication technology. Advanced GPS, environmental control and laser sights that can point at a target up to 5 kilometers away with precision are all examples of military technology. They have heavy firepower and usually have large high-caliber guns mounted in the turret, which can rotate 360 degrees.
The military uses all sorts of firearms take down their enemy. Such as:
Sniper Rifles
Anti Tank
Specialty Weapons (i.e Grenades, Flamethrower)
Machine Guns

Army Jets/Planes
There are many different types of planes. They all use high radio frequencies, similar to our cellphones and are equipped with a radar. Their autopilot systems and targeting technology are very advanced. An F15 jet can hit a target while flying at the Mach 1 thanks to its inertial guiding systems and thermal imagery.
Different types of firearms
The stealth plane was made for a number of reasons
To avoid being seen
Almost to be invisibility like on the radar
Didn't want radio frequency to detect the plane nor let it get caught on a radar
The F 15's are a crucial part of the U.S Army. They have been around since 1970s and new piloting systems and navigation systems have been implemented in them. They have over 100 victories and zero defeats.
The Canadian military is investing in a $620,000 stealth snowmobile, codename "Loki". This snowmobile can transport troops all over Canada's northern terrain in complete silence. It took a long time for scientists to figure out how they could use technology to help create army snow mobiles.
Technology On Snow

The Different Ways The Canadian Special Operations Force use Technology
Artillery & Long Range Combat
A battleship armed with a railgun
Artillery is suited for long range combat and support, operated by a group of soldiers or computers. Rail guns, Howitzers and AA or Anti-Aircraft cannons are all examples of long range weaponry. With aid from military targeting computers and satellites, targets can be shelled from distances up to 50 kilometers. Information Technology provides locations and coordinates for the gunner to fire at. A typical railgun can fire a 7 pound projectile at about 6000 meters per second!
A Self Propelled Artillery Gun
The M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank
Military Communications and Security
For all Military forces, whether on foot, in the air or on water, they must all have a standard form of communication.
The Military uses highly encrypted radio frequencies to communicate important information, whether it be the country under attack or important Intel. Messages are radioed to units about missions or important information through long range radios. Digital encryption in it's most advanced form is used by federal-military agencies such as NATO or the CIA, essentially being like the passwords and privacy policies on our phones and Facebook accounts.
An SCR 508 Military Radio
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