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ISBP Business Plan Presentation

No description

Regan Pride

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of ISBP Business Plan Presentation


Offer a value proposition of benefits for producers, distributors, builders, and users in the homebuilding market. Various segments of the residential and commercial building market will find that our products lead to improved performance, productivity, savings, profitability, and energy efficiencies.
250 psf (46” clear span)
∆ = 3/16”
l / 245
Estm. Residential = l / 1,530

Aside from Providing Ventilation,
These Boards are Strong !


IRC Ventilation Require-ments

Panels are 4x8 sheets, cut & install like sheathing
Soffit vent with commercially available products such as Cor-A-Vent or screen.
Ridge vent with commercially available products
Edge connections – as shown in video
Tongue and groove on top panel (3/8”)
“V” connection with matrix members
H clips or biscuits into cut groove

Details ….

DuctBoard™ Air Distribution
Whole House Savings = $20,000 !


Achieve 25% penetration in the residential
and light commercial building markets.
New Products

new, original and advanced invention
using new ideas, methods, or equipment.
Replaces sawn boards
for sheathing and sub-floors.
Improves strength, and
speeds up construction.
Particle Board introduced
Inexpensive product. Re-uses wood waste, but has poor strength.
Cheaper than plywood or solid wood, and stronger than particle board. Useful for sheathing and sub-floor applications.
Engineered Wood
High strength. Predictable performance. Minimized imperfections.

250 psf (46” clear span)
∆ = 3/16”
l / 245
Estm. Residential = l / 1,530

Aside from Providing Ventilation,
These Boards are Strong !

Market Value
Cost Savings
IRC Ventilation Require-ments

DuctBoard™ Air Distribution

Products are compatible with current materials: plywood, lumber, etc.
VentBoard conforms with expected new building codes
Ductboard can be made from lower grade or even scrap lumber components
Products improve home heating/cooling efficiency
per year at maturity & market saturation
Economic Impact
Footless Forms™
Patent History
Strategic Business Plan
New Company
Market Potential
In 2013, the APA forecasts 1,053,000 housing starts in North America
The Team:
James C. Walker, PE, President, Inventor & patent holder
Frank Wilich, Executive Adviser
Milan J. Turk, VP of Maketing & Strategy
Regan L. Pride, Project Manager

Advisory Team:
Charles Holoubek, patent attorney
Davis & Bujold, PLCC, legal
i2zeta Corp, Paul Smith, marketing study.
University of Maine, Orono, Advanced Structures and Composits Center
Footless Forms
A Vast Market
Marketing Plan
Our products and marketing strategy provides benefits to multiple market segments.
Enhanced utilization of existing materials
Delivery efficiency
increased margins
Faster Build Cycles
Design Efficiencies
Energy efficiency
Cost Savings
Our products allow us to take advantage of multiple market segments and to utilize push/pull marketing strategies
• Homeowner: Interested in green benefits, cost savings and quality. Also interested in future energy savings and extended life of roofs and siding. They would be interested in higher quality of air distribution with DuctBoard™.

• Builder: Interested in cost savings, schedule savings and increased profits. VentBoard and DuctBoard also create cost savings.- significant savings in structure also saves schedule.
• Retailer: Interested in increased profits. Probably not interested in selling less structure.

• Distributer: Interested in increased profits, not interested in selling less structure. VentBoard and DuctBoard follow existing distribution channels.

• Manufacturer: Interested in increased profits and demand resulting from the many benefits of VentBoard™ and DuctBoard™.

Marketing Activities
Product Testing & Certification
Demonstration Houses
Pilot Programs
Trade Show Exhibits
Industry Opinion Leader Endorsements
Promotional Activities
Partner Agreements
A more comprehensive marketing plan shall be performed by the organization or partnership created by the investors.

Typical soffit and ridge vents with proper vents between the rafters, are flimsy and easily broken, and easily improperly installed. Furthermore, they are sometimes broken an entirely short-circuit the air flow. They also require additional cost and labor.
There is not a known roofing panel that provides both sheathing and integral ventilation either commercially available or in the patent searches conducted.
Cornell Corporation - product incorporate insulation and spacer blocks. These are totally non-structural and must be used on a roof structure designed to support this product plus roof loads.
Closest Examples
Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) has a very high R factor and as a result ventilation is not essential to prevent ice dams.
A costly alternative is to add ventilation with strapping and two layers of structure – this is obviously a high cost in terms of both materials and labor. Sometimes this is done over existing roofs.
Advantech sheathing is generally stronger than other brands of OSB and less expensive than similar quality plywood.
Zip System is a water resistant membrane which supposedly allows moisture to migrate out of the building envelope while providing a waterproof surface to rain and snow
Looking Ahead
Next Steps
Marketing/PR Manager
Forms sales manager
Structural Engineer

Development Activities
Model House
APA & ICC certification
Short-run production
Marketing Activities
Trade Shows
International Builders Show
World of Concrete Show
State-level home shows


Data Sheets
Raise Capital
0-12 Months $5.0M
Pre & Post launch phase
12-24 Months $5.0M
Growth phase
Pursue Licensee Agreements
Panel Manufacturers
Ready Mix concrete suppliers
Compatible with RAP-I-FORMS system
Walls are stronger where needed - at the bottom. The top is tapered to the width of the sill.
System can be varied in configuration depending on soil and bearing requriements.
Compatible with current popular forming systems such as Symons Forms and RAP-I-FORMS.
Can be used for 8 foot or 10 foot forms, and can also be used for 4 foot frost walls and stub walls where required.
For a typical 1600 SF home, a FottLess Form foundation will save over $5,000 and 3 days in your schedule!

Save 50yds of excavation ............... $600
Save labor/materials used
to form footings .......................... $1,800
Save 3 days in schedule .............. $1,000
Save 40 yards of fill,
grading, and compacting ...............$2,800
TOTAL $5,200
Push/Pull Marketing by Target Markets
Royalty-Based Pricing
Royalties are set at a fraction (10% - 30%) of gross savings in construction costs.
VentBoard, roofs......... $2.00 / sheet
VentBoard, walls........ $1.50 / sheet
DuctBoard........ $2.50 / sheet
FootlessForms ....... $500.00 / unit
Executive Summary
Roof sheathing with integrated
US Patent #8,490,355
Floor sheathing with integrated
hot/cold air plenums.
Patent Pending
US Patent #8,516,773
Features ….
Panels are 4x8 sheets, cut & install like sheathing
Made of standard plywood, or OSB and wooden blocks
Passages in upper and lower layers for hot air delivery and cold air return plenums.
Can also be used in overhead air conditioning delivery systems
Product is compatible with current hot air registers
47 times stronger than standard plywood or OSB

Flexible air delivery AND distributed return
Reduces construction time
Eliminate most ductwork
Lower energy costs
Save up to $12,000 in construction costs

Higher ventilation ratio than current methods.
Exceeds building code strength requirements
Reduces construction time
Multi-climate usage
Lower energy costs
Save up to $2,500 in construction costs

innovation -
[More Info}
[More Info]
[More Info]
Producer Profit
VentBoard Roof $6+
VentBoard Wall $5+
DuctBoard $8+
Footless Forms $500

Sales Projections
Market Penetration Goals
Revenue Forecasts
I.S.B.P Earning
[Click center of frame to view video clip]

Longer Range Projections
Correlates to demand for:
104,000,000 roofing sheets,
92,600,000 wall sheets,
51,800,000 flooring sheets.
233,000 foundations
Housing construction is expected to increase through 2016, then decline slightly through 2018.
For 2014, the APA forecasts a demand for 124,600,000 roofing sheets, and 62,000,000 flooring sheets.
A marketing study conducted by i2zeta Corp. yielded the following for ISBP wood products...
These are our estimates for the Footless Forms product...
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