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Parent Teacher Conference Scenarios

No description

Maya Novak

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Parent Teacher Conference Scenarios

Parent/Teacher Conference Scenarios

Scenario 2: Student Performing Below Proficiency
Scenario 1:
Student Performing Below Ability
Scenario 3: Student with Disruptive Behavior
Before the conference
Draw on previous experience with the parent/guardian to decide how much information they may need prior to the meeting
The conversation may be difficult, so be as prepared and calm as possible
Make sure to leave time in the meeting for discussion and questions
Data and rubrics
Use a combination of quantitative and qualitative information to give the parent/guardian a broad picture of Nava's performance
Set SMART goals
Document important goals and action steps with dates for follow up
Include a method for acknowledging SMART goals that are achieved
Include potential action steps if SMART goals are not met
Keep records
Create a system for documenting and tracking notes after parent/teacher meetings
Add follow up dates to a calendar, including reminders
Schedule any necessary follow up meetings scheduling enough time to address on-going issues or new actions steps
Visual support
Conversation Starters
What is Jackie's behavior/attitude like at home?
What is your routine at home around school work?
Can you give me some suggestions for motivating Jackie when she gets discouraged or distracted?
Give specific examples
Have specific examples of Elmer's successes in class along with clear and specific examples of ways that Elmer has been disruptive
Use thoughtful language when transitioning from discussing strengths to challenges, being careful to use words like "and" rather than "but"
Discuss strategies to improve Elmer's behavior that have already been tried with or without success
Cultivate a Team Approach
Be open to hearing from Elmer's parent/guardians and discuss ways we can work together to support Elmer and celebrate his successes
Come up with a system or behavior plan that includes regular communication between home and school
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
For Any Parent/Teacher Meeting
Set meeting schedule with parent/guardians at least two weeks ahead of time
Set an expectation for the length of the meeting
Create an agenda with time in mind
Send material to parents/guardian ahead of time if there is something that needs to be reviewed
Be prepared with examples of Jackie's performance over time to demonstrate gaps or inconsistencies
Communicating Next Steps and Follow Ups
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