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Fairy Tail

No description

Mrs. Gittens

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail is a show about wizard.The name Fairy Tail is a guild .And in this prezi
I am going to talk about the main caracters
Lucy Heartfilia is a member of Fairy Tail .She is a celestial wizard.She uses celestial spirit
keys.She is also VERY rich
Gray Fullbuster is also a member of Fairy Tail .Gray uses ice magic.He dosen't get along with Nastu very well.He also has a habbit of taking his clothes off
Erza Scarlet proud member of Fairy Tail.She has requip magic. Technically '
'' is not her last name!Erza has OVER 100 requip armor .Erza is a S class wizard.These are SOME of her armor
Gajeel is a iron dragon slayer.He is a iron wizard.Gajeel was once in Phantom Lord
Guild ,but then he joined the Fairy Tail
guild.Gajeel can eat IRON!
Happy is a blue exceed .He also uses magic,
he flies .Happy is Nastu's bestest friend
Happy got his name because he looked so happy when he was born
PantherLily is also a exceed.
PantherLily is from edales.
PantherLily is Gajeel's exceed.He
can also turn BIG.
Master Markarov is the master(or leader) of Fairy Tail.Master Markarov is VERY short BUT he has the power to grow.Master Markarov is one of the Ten Wizards Saint
Juvia was once in the Phantom Lord Guild But then she saw Gray and she fell in
with him .So she wanted to joined Fairy Tail.Juvia is a water wizard .
Her body is made up of water.
Wendy is also a dragon slayer. Wendy is a sky wizard.
So that means she uses sky magic.Wendy was once in
the Cait Shelter ,but then she found out that it was all fake.So she went to Fairy Tail!Wendy also has an exceed,named Carla
Mirajane is an S class wizard.She has a little brother named Elfman,and a littler sister name Lisanna.Mira is very powerful when she dose the body take over.Mira can sing VERY well
Natsu dragneel is a fire dragon slayer which means that he was raised by a dragon .Nastu is a firer wizard.Nastu is a wizard in fairy tail,
he is also the main character.Nastu can eat FIRE
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