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GOMC 2015


Tanisha Ponson

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of GOMC 2015

21 days
Online Marketing
Challenge 2015


80,000 Students and Professors
Almost 100 Countries


AdWords Budget: $250

Step 7
Writing and Submitting AdWords Post-Campaign Report/Impact Statement
Google+ Social Media Marketing Award (Optional)
Step 8
Build your audience
Sell & Convert
Act on your insights

1. Upload your pre-campaign report

2. Await verification

3. Receive $250,- AdWords Credit

Choose the right business

Follow the rules!

Letter to Business

Landing Page Experience

Step 3: Selecting a business

Step 6
Running Campaign
Step 4:
Learning about AdWords and the client

Digital Marketing Course

Tools for Online Success

Meeting with the client
More customers
Locally or Globally
The right people at the right time
No visit, no fee
Step 5:
Uploading Pre-Campaign Report and Requesting Crediting

Step 9
Judging Process and Criteria
three (3) components:

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Structure and Implementation of Best Practices

AdWords Pre-Campaign and Post-Campaign Reports

AdWords Business Category - Global & Regional

Step 1: Selecting the top fifteen Semi-Finalists in each region

Step 2: Selecting the top five Finalists in each region.

Step 3: Selecting the Regional and Global winners

AdWords Business Category - Global
& Regional

Two (2) Components

Campaign Statistics

AdWords Pre-Campaign and Post-Campaign Reports, and Social Impact Statement

AdWords Social Impact Category

Step 1: Selecting the top ten teams.

Step 2: Selecting the three winners.

AdWords Social Impact Category

Effective exercise to learn search marketing and PPC terminology, skills, and techniques

Authentic learning environments

Real life experience using actual business clients

Growth Opportunities (Personal and Educational)


Step 1: Registering for the Challenge

Professors Registers
October 8th 2014 – April 8th 2015
Team Captains Registers
Team Members Registers
October 15th 2014 – April 22nd 2015


Competition Process

Team Captains have two accounts:
Dashboard Account (primary account)
Manage Student Dashboard
Communicate with the GOMC Team

Competition Account
AdWords Credit
Running the Campaign

Step 2: Accessing Dashboard

GOMC 2014 Finalists
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