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South Dakota

No description

christian helms

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of South Dakota

South Dakota
The State Flag
The South Dakota State flag was originally adopted in 1909, but in 1963 they remodeled the flag as the one today. This flag is blue and has the state seal in the middle of it. It also says the motto and the nickname. In the state seal , the steam tower means for industry. The people farming means for agriculture , and the steamboat is going down the Missouri River which is in South Dakota.
Famous People
Tom Brokaw was born in Webster, SD. He was famous, because he was a news anchor that hosted NBC nightly shows. Hubert Humphrey was born in Wallace, Coddington, SD. He was famous, because he was the Vice President for USA in 1965-1969. Ernest O. Lawrence was born in Canton, SD. He was famous, because he won a Nobel Prize for making the first machine that smashes atoms.
South Dakota
State Flower : American Pasque Flower State Bird : Ring Necked Pheasant State Tree : The Black Hills Spruce Tree State Motto : Under God, The People Rule State Nickname : The Mount Rushmore State
Top State Things
The three biggest cities are Sioux falls, Rapid City, and Aberdeen.
Pierre is the capital city for South Dakota. Pierre is in Hughes county . Pierre's longitude and latitude is 44.3680 N , 100.3364 W .
South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889. South Dakota was named after the tribe of the Sioux and Dacotah Indians. South Dakota is the fortieth state of the U.S.A, and the area of this state is 77,121 miles.

The economy of this state is tourism because of Mount Rushmore. Also, agriculture is hay, sun flowers, soy beans, and cattle.
The climate is mostly high or low temperatures. The humidity and the precipitation is usually low.
Pictures of State Flag
1. The most T-Rex fossils was found in Faith, South Dakota. 2. Today, more than 71,000 Americans are in South Dakota. 3. In Sioux, Dakota means friends.
Fun Facts
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