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softball prezi

kendra loff

Brandee Faust

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of softball prezi

1887- Present day
The Evolution of Softball
Batter up.....
strike one...
strike two...
strike three...

Today there is a team for every player, and a tournament for every team.

A boating club, a boxing glove and a football were the first materials used in the game.
The game was originally baseball played indoors during the winter months.
Softball began on Thanksgiving Day in 1887.
Next softball was moved outdoors to fields with smaller dimensions than the regular baseball fields.
Softball began to spread rapidly throughout America, and it soon became very popular.
Many leagues began forming, but the
leagues only excepted men as players.
Almost a decade after the invention of softball women were allowed to play.
Chicago's West Division High School softball team (first women's softball team).
Then shortly after World War II softball was introduced to the Netherlands
In 1939 Softball was introduced to Australia.
After many years of debating, softball was enrolled into the1996 Olympic games.
With talks that softball may be pulled out of the Olympics the World Cup of Softball in Oklahoma City was created.

This was a way for the best teams throughout the world to sill compete against one another without the Olympics.

Since the start of softball many advancements have been made.
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