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Adam Archer

on 23 January 2015

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Audio-Technica’s System 10 PRO rack-mount digital wireless system provides wireless that’s so simple to use, so dependable, and so automatic, you never have to think about it. Set it up anywhere, turn it on and it’s good to go.

System 10 PRO delivers interference-free operation in the 2.4 GHz range (i.e., outside TV bands) with many innovative features for ultimate versatility. The durable half-rack chassis houses two receiver units that can be operated locally or released from the chassis and mounted remotely (up to 328 feet away) via Ethernet cable.

Up to five chassis (10 receiver units) can be linked using the RJ12 cable included with each system, creating a stable, multichannel system with the simultaneous use of up to 10 channels.
Like all the products in the System 10 wireless family, the System 10 PRO rack-mount features 24-bit/48kHz operation, easy setup, clear, natural sound quality, and three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time and space.

Introducing the latest addition to the family
Key Features
Availability & Pricing
• Operates outside TV bands
• 3 Levels of Diversity Assurance
• Transceiver Technology – each receiver + transmitter sends and receives signals – staying in constant communication with one another. This allows the system to change frequencies whenever needed.
• Ready to go straight out of the box
• Full-bandwidth high-fidelity audio
• Users can pair each receiver with up to 10 transmitters
• Continuously monitors 2.4 GHz range to avoid interference with existing wireless systems


February 2015


ATW-1301 Single Channel Bodypack System: £449 inc VAT / €449 ex VAT
ATW-1302 Single Channel Handheld System: £469 inc VAT / €469 ex VAT
ATW-1311 Dual Channel Bodypack System: £759 inc VAT / €759 ex VAT
ATW-1312 Dual Channel BP/HH System: £779 inc VAT / €779 ex VAT
ATW-1322 Dual Channel Handheld System: £799 inc VAT / €799 ex VAT

Press Advert
What sets the System 10 PRO Digital wireless apart from the competition...
Total ease of use
Every System 10 PRO is ready to go “out-of-the-box”. Simply plug in the receiver, and turn on the transmitter. The seamless, fully automatic frequency selection process operates in the background with no need to select channels, or turn knobs.

Rack-mount receiver chassis with dockable receiver units

System 10 PRO’s receiver units can be docked in the chassis or remote mounted up to 328 feet (100 M) away using a standard Ethernet cable. Up to four receiver units fit in a standard single rack space.

Plays well with other digital equipment:
System 10 PRO is designed to work in areas where other 2.4 GHz wireless equipment is operating. Should the system detect interference, it selects another frequency pair automatically with no interruption in the audio.

Plays well with traditional analog FM wireless
Easily expand the capacity of existing multichannel FM wireless installations by simply adding System 10 PRO without the need to re-coordinate the existing system’s frequency plan.

No analog audio compander
Unlike wireless systems using analog companders that can add artifacts to the transmitted audio, System 10 PRO is entirely digital.

Three levels of diversity assurance:
System 10 PRO ensures clear communication and maximum signal integrity.

Multiple simultaneous systems
Up to ten channels can be used together without frequency coordination problems or group selection issues.

Built-in receiver linking:
Allows up to five receiver chassis (10 channels) to be linked together for a stable multi-channel system(RJ12 linking cable included with each receiver chassis)

Can the remotely placed receivers be connected via an Ethernet switch or hub?
No - The connection is a point-to-point connection with a high-speed signal link. There is no network control used.

Can the 100m distance be extended in any way?
No – you cannot extend the operating distance of the System 10 Pro.

Due to the limited range of S10 – can we extend the total number of channels by using several systems in an installation across many rooms?
Yes, but with limitations. Please consult Audio-Technica Technical Support for more information regarding installation of System 10 Pro in multiple rooms.

Red Pepper

EMEA: export@audio-technica-europe.com
UK: sales@audio-technica.co.uk
France: sales@audio-technica.fr
Germany: sales@audio-technica.de

Tom Harrold
Adam Archer

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