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Working file

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Sherlon Mohammed

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Working file

TOSL is strategically positioned within the Caribbean region to

market share development
of the GE Oil and Gas Safety and Control Valve applications as it concerns the Masoneilian and Consolidated Brands for relief and control lines. Sound marketing strategy combined with a value chain approach makes us
'best in class'
in the Oil & Gas Industry.

TOSL Snapshot
& TOSL Engineering Ltd.
Charting tracks for the new
world ahead.

Major Clients
TOSL: Projects at a glance
TOSL + GE Oil & Gas = Regional Mkt. Synergies
Why work with us?
Domestic dominance, International reach




Power Plants



TOSL's Vantage Point
Control & Relief Valve Population
TOSL Snapshot: Turnkey Solutions

Project Management for Structural Pipeline & Process Piping

Risk Based Inspections & Asset Integrity Management

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)- Third Party Inspection

Topside Integrity Inspection, Baseline Surveys & Condition Monitoring

Inspection Data Management using UltraPIPE Software

Noise Monitoring and Indoor Air quality Measurements

So what drives potential?
Suriname & Guianas Emerging Markets
Official GE Oil & Gas Channel Partner

Synergistic History with
five of GE's EPCs
- Foster Wheeler
- Fluor
- Bechtel
- CB&I

Exceeding industry standards via
a leading EIA
equipped with:
- Programming Logic Controls (PLC)
- GE Portable Clamp-on Flow Meters
- GE Portable Analyzers
- GE Druck Calibration Equipment

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