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I have a dream. I'm a dreamer

Yasmin Notivoli

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Dreams

Done by: Ebtehal Al-Muaither
Yasmin T.Notivoli Communication 201 Lost dreams of our childhood Conclusion: Every child grew up as a dreamer 1. You make your dreams smaller to match the money you make.

Income = your dreams boarders. Reason Number 1: Something that you want to achieve so badly that it pushes your to do something to achieve it.

So where is the problem?
The problem is not that you don’t have dreams, we all have dreams. But it is that you don’t believe that you will ever achieve them. Always remember :
Dream anything.. as long as you want it.
Because no dream, no purpose to fight everyday to become a better person
No dream no compiling reason to push yourself.
No dream.. no goal to achieve Today we will be talking about a life-changing topic.. About a decision many of us haven’t done yet.. About becoming a better person.. About dreams coming true.. Table of
•Lost dreams of our childhood.
•Why did we stop believing in
our dreams?
•What is dream?
•The importance of dreams.
•Dream Categories
•How can you achieve your dreams?
•Conclusion Why did we stop believing in our dreams? Reason Number 2:
the second reason behind not achieving our dreams is excuses..

Typical excuses such as: 1. I do not have enough money. 2. I’m not talented. 3. I do not have enough knowledge. 4. I do not have enough experience. 5.I have failed many times in the past. 6. I’m not lucky. 7. Who I am to dream? = They defeat themselves before
they even get started! BUT This is not what you deserve. Reason number 3: Negative motivation So
is a
dream? Why are dreams important? Dreams are important when you start any journey because they will be your guidance and will lead you to the right path.

Dreams are there for you to realize that there is something out there that you want to achieve. Financial Dreams such as being rich, owning your own car, house or plane.

Educational Dreams such as getting your bachelor degree, masters, or PHD.

Social Dreams: such as getting married, make a family and have kids.

Field Dreams: such as getting a better job or improving in your own company and getting better positions.

Who you want to be Dreams: such as becoming a doctor, businessman, designer or artist.

Charity dreams: such as getting in rolled with charity organizations, creating your own charity organization, travel to poor countries to help people. Categories of dreams: However, the previous categories can be divided into 3 general categories:

1-Short term dreams ex. Getting high grades in your actual courses.

2-Medium term dreams ex. Graduating with a good GPA if you were a freshman or getting your master degree if you were a junior or a senior student.

3-Long term dreams ex. Owning your own company. How can you achieve your dreams? 1. Find your dreams
Your dreams must be clear. 2. Write them down:
Write your dreams everywhere.
If you don’t have a list for your dreams, you will never to able to achieve them. 3. know the importance of your dreams.
What do you need to live? 4. Talk about your dreams, share them.
Dreams are a very personal matter, we as human don’t really like to share our dreams nor talk about them. 5. Have an idol.
There is not greater motivation than getting it from people who suffered and struggled in order to achieve their dreams. 6. You cannot start something without knowing where you are going.
You need to have your dreams clear in order to know how to achieve them, or else your dream will be this and you will see it but you will be doing circles around yourself without stepping and step forward towards it. If the dream is big enough ... The facts don’t count D re am s You can be a hard working person but not a dreamer.
and therefore not succeed in life.. Money can buy dreams REALISTIC = A man without a dream is as good as a dead man. The capability of DREAMING
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