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Santhosh Shetty

on 6 December 2012

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Mobile Transmission Detector Mobile Transmission Detector And Jammer An ordinary RF detector using tuned LC circuits is not suitable for detecting signals in the GHz frequency band used in mobile phones. The transmission frequency of mobile phones ranges from 0.9 to 3 GHz. So a circuit detecting gigahertz signals is required for a mobile bug. Circuit Diagram 555 Timer CA3130 It is used as a current to voltage converter
with capacitor C3 between input terminals.
It is an op-amp that combines the advantage
of both CMOS and bipolar transistors resulting
in high input impedance, low input current
and high speed of performance. Working WORKING and EXPLANATION The 555 timer is used in the monostable
mode. The output of the BC547B transistor is
given to pin 2 of the 555.
This 555 is used to drive the piezo-electric
buzzer for a fixed time of the pulse. Mobile Transmission Jammer BY,
Santhosh Shetty, 1MS10EC107
Preetham Srinivas, 1MS10EC079
Praveen Nayak, 1MS10EC078 The 555 timer [8 pin] IC in astable mode
generates square pulses. It’s coupled via C4 to modulate the MRF transistor oscillator
behaving like a differentiator to generate
spikes. Circuit Diagram The MRF transistor is switched on and off periodically by the spikes. Hence the tank circuit is connected to ground only periodically generating an imperfect sine wave(noise) in the transmission range.
R3 and R2 function as voltage divider circuit.
C3 is provided for safety.
With C1 set at roughly 1/3rd, frequency will be close to 900 MHz. By sweeping the C1 trimmer capacitor, we can swing the output frequency from 800 MHz to 2 GHz with the transistor and values shown. Working SIMULATION and EXPLANATION
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