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Project Analysis

An Analysis of the previous year's projects

Callum York

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Project Analysis

PROJECT ANALYSIS An analysis of the previous year's work - Research and planning
- Final construction
- Evaluation Areas of Analysis I will evaluate and analyse 3 student's projects by using their blog to look at their work While looking at the work, I'm searching for a variety of things and evaluating each students ability. Not only will this show me how I can improve, it can also help me understand the mark scheme. What I'm looking for... A good blog will be well made, which means a good layout that is pleasing to the eye. Their work will be of a high quality and will look professional, while the researching and evaluations will be presented through a variety of media. The more in depth and thorough the research and planning, the better. Blog #1 Research and Planning: Indepth - flat plans, audience, magazine, photograph analysises
Multimedia - Video, Audio, Presentations, Written text, Graphs
A lot of effort went into planning Final Construction: Range of Good Quality Photographs
Established Housestyle: Colours, Fonts & with some layout problems
Music Genre well conveyed
Looks professional, would attract target audience.
References to Social Media The First Blog Evaluation: Multimedia Evaluation of work: Youtube, Prezi etc.
Clear and thorough evaluations
Own understanding of what makes her project good Blog #2 (Research and Planning) (Final Construction) (Evaluation) Analysis of the second blog: The project shown in the previous images was pretty good. However, this project wasn't as good as the first due to a number of points... The Evaluation was of a good standard, but no variety in presentation. The research and planning was thorough and well done, but didn't use a spectrum of media platforms The Magazine was an excellent example of how to create a housestyle that works, but there were too few images and they weren't positioned well. Overall, the work was good, but the lack of multimedia and the plain layout of the work and blog let it down. The layout of the blog isn't very intriguing and looks bland. Blog #3 Research and Planning plain layout; not very interesting
Some variety in media, but not used very much
Very clunky and bad organisation
Not much use of media specific terminology Final Construction Housestyle established; select range of colours and fonts
Only one model used, looks amateur
Background doesn't suit the style of the magazine
Photoshopped image isn't cut out well
Looks like there's too much space between tags and image
Came up with content that goes with genre, but not enough of it. Evaluation Bland layout
No variety in media platforms
Too clunky
However, good evaluation and understanding of own work and good and bad points, Although the content is good, it isn't thorough enough, the layout of the blog could do with some improving and there isn't any variety in media, when there is some it's only used once. Top Tips: By analysing the blogs and the other student's work, I discovered what makes a good blog and also what points can bring the project down: Thorough, indepth content explaining project and pieces of work
Use of multimedia to present project
Variety of images and models used
Professional looking housestyle, with good layout, colours and fonts
Nice looking blog
Regular updates
Evidence of lots of effort and work
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