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Marco Polo's achievements

No description

Thomas Oh

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Marco Polo's achievements

what he saw!!! Marco Polo's Achievements In 1271..... In 1295... Marco Polo went for a explore to Asia with his father and uncle. when he was on his journey he found out theirs a lot of dangerous things in the ocean because of his father being careful about pirates. Marco Polo and his father and uncle finally reached the kingdom of China, and they gave Kublai Khan (the king of China) a lot of gifts and especially they gave him a oil that has healing powers. Also Marco Polo became an ambassador for the king Kublai Khan and he went around the kings kingdom and learnt and found a lot of things like clothes made of golden silk, paper money, gunpowder and peoples covered with tattoos. In 1275..... While Marco Polo was
exploring the kings
kingdom he so a lot of
interesting things that he
hasn't seen before in
Europe, things like
crocodiles but he
thought it was as large
snake, tigers as striped
lions and rhinoceroses
as unicorns. In 1280..... After serving Kublai Khan for 17
years he had one last task for
Marco Polo and his uncle and dad, it
was to take his princess Kokachin
to Persia. The Polo's had horrible
voyage. storm suck 13 ships and
only one made it stuffed to Persia
with the princess. In 1292..... He finally made to his home Venice, he had gone for 24 years their
friends and family's did not even recognize them. When the war between Venice and Genoa happened he was captured and put on jail. When he was in jail he told all this stories about his explore and everybody was amazed at it.
The end BY Thomas Oh & John Balazo PS: Kublai Khan Extra information Marco Polo's dad Niccolo. Marco Polo's uncle Maffeo. Marco Polo!!!
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