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Aum Shinrikyo

No description

Bryan Tibbitts

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Aum Shinrikyo

Aum Shinrikyo Aum was established in 1987 Aum's goal was to take over Japan and eventually the world. Everyone who is not a member of Aum is considered an enemy
the "hidden enemy" is the U.S. and the Jewish. Shoko Asahara, the founder and leader of the Aum. Another leader of Aum was Fumihiro Joyu who stepped down from leadership in 2003 under the pressure of members wanting to return fully to the worship of Shoko. Leadership Funding Aum recives its funding from operating electronic
businesses and restaurants, in addition to members signing their estates to the group. Enemy Goals Publicity The group split into two fractions in 2007 due to internal friction over attempts to moderate the groups religious beliefs and to improve its public image. Members The current Aum membership in Japan is 1,500 as well as approximately 200 in Russia. There was a peak of 20,000 members world wide. The members were drawn to the group because of Aum's promise that they would develop supernatural powers; and others were attracted to the group by its rejection of the corruption and materialism which they saw through out modern Japan. Threat level to the United States Aum is no longer a threat the the United States because the group is no longer in activity. When the group was still performing terrorist acts its theat level towards the US was a 4 because the US was Aum's "hidden enemy." Base of Operation Aum's principal membership is located in Japan, while there are also followers located in Russia. Group members of Aum have previously been in Austraila, Ukraine, Germany, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia, and the US. Tactics Aum uses dangerous chemicals and gases as weapons against its enemies. Activities Aum has not performed a terrorist attack since 1995. In March of 1995, Aum released the chemical nerve agent sarin on several Tokyo subway trains, killing 12 persons and causing up to 6,000 to seek medical treatment. Aum has tried to perform other terrorist acts years before the 1995 subway attacks, but were unsuccessful.
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