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Bridge To Terabithia Characters

This is our Bridge To Terabithia Project

Emma Hovde

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Bridge To Terabithia Characters

Bridge To Terabithia Characters By: Audra Hakanson and Emma Hovde Jesse Aarons Jr. Jess' mom uses this to do chores inside the house. Leslie Burke Leslie Burke is good at running. She can beat Jess when racing against him. Her parents and her just moved into the old Perkins Place when the people moved out. Leslie is an imaginative girl. She doesn't wear dresses like every other girl. She is smart and is a teacher's pet; but she always has something up her sleeve. Jesse Aarons Jr. was named after his father. Most people call him Jess. Jess loves to draw, but his dad expects him to work. Jess is the protagonist of The Bridge To Terabithia on a small farm with only the cow, Miss Bessie, as his friend, Until Leslie Burke moves in to the old Perkins place. It takes Jess a while to get used to her, but then Jess becomes accustomed to his new neighbor. He also has four sisters, all of them annoying. The older sisters can always get out of work and chores, so Jess’s mom does the indoor work like cleaning, and Jess does all of the outdoor work, like milking Miss Bessie. Jesse lives on a farm. Belle May May Belle is Jess' little sister. She is eight. She will do anything Jess says. She sometimes annoys Jess. Just like Sydney annoys us. Same difference. May Belle is a young girl who follows Jess' every command. Her father adores her. This is a corn husk doll. These used to be very common. Janice Avery Janice is a mean bully. She may have her reasons, but she isn't really nice to anyone. She takes May Belle's Twinkies. Miss Edmunds Miss Edmunds is a hippie. Well, in everyone's words but Jess' and Leslie's. In their words she is beautiful and the best teacher ever. She likes Jess' drawings and she likes Leslie. Jess LOVES her!! He thinks Miss Edmunds is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is also very musical. Imaginary castle for Terabithia. To learn more about Jess and Leslie, read the book Bridge To Terabithia!!! Thanks For Watching Thanks For Watching!!!!
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