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An Adaptive Shift

Stew Under 40 Presentation July 30, 2013

Grace Duddy

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of An Adaptive Shift

An Adaptive Shift: Stepping Away from Programs and Into Conversations

How Can I Get Young Adults To Give?
A New Way of Looking:
Adaptive Challenges

Distinguishing Technical and Adaptive Challenges
By: Grace Duddy and Chick Lane
Doesn't Assume
A mindset and process of creative and critical thinking that transforms difficult challenges into design opportunities by empathizing with and engaging the user at all levels of the design process.
"Design Thinking for Social Innovation" by T. Brown and J. Wyatt (2010)
Jerry Sternin, Positive Deviance Initiative
Malnutrition of children in Vietnam under the age of 5
35% nourished
65% malnourished
Immerse in the environment
Talk to outliers
Cooking Classes
Tried it!
Replicated in 14 other villages
Engage, Immerse, Observe:
Research with Adults under 40
Focus Groups and Interviews
8 congregations
10 focus groups, 5 interviews
65 people
"Out of the back of my car" venture
Lack of Diversity
Focus: To get out and talk to people
What I did:
Space for Conversation
Stewardship Associations
1. Community - 32
7. Leadership - 7
7. Difference - 7
Where is God in the conversation?
Motivations for Giving
What encourages/discourages you to give of your time and money to the church?
Motivations for Giving Time
Congregational community
They were asked
Time used effectively/efficiently
Working with community partners (20s)
"[The congregation] [is] not afraid to ask. There are lots of opportunities to give time and the time is used wisely. The mission of the church is one that I can get behind. When pastors bring something to the table I trust that the footwork has been done."
Time Commitment
Motivations for Giving Money
Mission of the congregation
They feel like their money makes a difference.
Supporting the church
Ask to Increase Giving
living paycheck to paycheck
life uncertainty
competition from other non-profits
money used inefficiently
"The church is doing a lot in the community but also globally as well. You can see where the money is going with church partnerships . . . I still feel like my money is making a difference, my $1 matters."
"Someone already gave their money so that I could be there, [the congregation] is made up of people who aren't even there yet. It takes money to run it, although they run it pretty bare bones. I give because I want to keep it going. I don't know what I would do if it stopped."
You're not talking about money too much
. . . in fact, you are probably not talking about it enough.
Desire for credit card debt and personal finances discussion
Money not talked about much
Other half said it was helpful:
Helped them consider their giving to the church or other organizations
Increased awareness of injustice in their community
Only a few mentioned the way that they use all of their money
Congregational Money Talk
Faith and Finances
About half said that their congregation hadn't been helpful in this area
Stewardship Education is Vital
Questions about Giving
How much is appropriate to give?
"It has been hard for us because we never knew how much was normal to give, $5 or $500. [Our] parents didn't talk about it."
"Pledging is daunting. It is a commitment. I fear not being able to pay so I under-estimate my giving."
Mostly 20s asking these questions
Small Groups
What's the Work?
Who Does the Work?

Apply current know-how
Learn new ways
The people with the problem
A New Way of Looking:
Adaptive Challenges
People resist change because they fear loss
Addressing adaptive challenges is a journey not a fix
"Pastor, we need a giving kiosk."
2. Faith - 22

3. Mission - 15
4. Pastor - 11
4. Trust - 11

6. Bible - 8
9. spiritual - 3
9. Christian - 3
9. God - 3
12. Jesus - 2
13. Ministry - 1
14. Spirit - 0
-20s research participant
-20s research participant
-30s research participant
Giving Appeals
Congregational Budget/Financial State
Only one mentioned money in a general sense
Reflection Questions
Think of 1 adaptive challenge that you face concerning stewardship with adults under 40?
How might you listen to the adults under 40 in your community?
Design Thinking
We need an online giving page!
Design Thinking Principles
The Process
Where do you start?
Assume a Beginner's Mindset
What might this look like?
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