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Technologies that Kevin Bae has used over the BREAK~

Break, technology, SkyNET

Kevin Bae

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Technologies that Kevin Bae has used over the BREAK~

Where do they lead? OH MAN, LOOK AT THOSE FOOTSTEPS. From the beginning, there was only Kevin,
but Kevin wasn't the only thing...
Or SkyNET.
I'll just tell you what I used over the break. That's pretty much it... Entertainment: My Smartphone. Emergency calling, texting, chatting.
PC. Keeping up with global news and use for school.
Stove. To heat up my food, I don't need no microwave. Necessities(Needs and must daily.): Family vehicle. Purpose for transporting me around. But, once in a while I get practice.
Bus. You gotta love public transportation and the smell of drunks.
Shoes. Best invention ever. Transportation: Well, that pretty much sums up the technologies
that us youth use today.
Take care.
Technology that Kevin has used with his stubby fingers. Xbox-360. Merely use it to play with friends.
Play Station 3. Blue-ray, PS3 has no game.
PC. Play whatever is available for PC.
Television. Watch movies or watch popular Tv shows.
Finally, NETFLIX. Netflix, watching movies and other shows.
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