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AAIEP Workshop

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Supporting Sponsored Students

Melissa Heid

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of AAIEP Workshop

A Multi-Faceted Approach to
Supporting Sponsored Students Melissa Heid and Stashia Kaiel
Gonzaga University. English Language Center English Language Center encapsulates ESL and TESL
ESL Program started in 1978
6 sessions per year (1/2 semester)
80-120 students per session
Sponsored students from Brazil, Libya, Kuwait, KSA, & UAE Our Context Correspondence
Enrollment Letters
Grades e-mails- mid term & final
Status- sponsored, conditional
Academic Readiness The Database Open door hours & on call
Follow up Orientation
Weekly activities
Culture Clubs
Culture Center Budget
Mosque transportation
Foot baths
Prayer rooms
Tutoring Center Additional Student Support Faculty Advisor
ESL Program Coordinator
International Student Advisor (Conditional students)
Proactive warning systems
Database tracks contracts and communication Advising Spring I, 2013 84 students
34 sponsored students (40%)
50% conditionally admitted
60 Saudis (71%) Conditional Admission Process
Acceptance Packet
Insert & Translation
E-mail Correspondence
Ambassadors Pre-Arrival Challenges: students seeking conditional admission,
students seeking sponsorship Challenges: tracking students, accurate reporting,
time management of staff, meeting sponsor
deadlines Challenges: keeping students on track, ensuring
consistency Housing & Residence Life/Dining Services
SACM extensions
Counseling Center
Student Accounts
Student Life
Academic Vice President Collaboration with other departments Challenges: meeting sponsorship requirements, increasing
numbers of sponsored students with disabilities
yet support mechanisms are not in place Melissa Heid
heid@gonzaga.edu Academic Readiness Challenge: retaining sponsored students Thank you! Stashia Kaiel
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