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Roman v. American Legal System: Rights and Protections of Citizens

Comparing and contrasting aspects of the Roman and American legal systems.

Chandler Park

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Roman v. American Legal System: Rights and Protections of Citizens

Roman v. American Legal System: Rights and Protections of Citizens Rome's list of laws and regulations are the basis on which America's laws were founded, however, America has advanced in dignity towards punishment, the way in which a man is represented in court, and decency towards all men--not just citizens. Thesis Early Roman laws, referred to as the twelve tables, were released to the Roman people by a collection of ten men, the decemviri legibus scribundis.
The state never prosecuted anyone, a private party had to accuse.
Judges, equivalent of jurors decided whether the defendent was "condemo" or "absolvo". Any number of judges.
Prisons were not forms of punishment.
Lawyers didn't exactly know the law.
Citizens of Rome were given special privileges in trials. Roman Law America's law system is based off of Rome's, the constitution of the USA is the foundation of true American law.
Common law is used in the USA, as it was in Rome.
Court- Judge, Jury, Lawyers.
Non-citizen charged: deportation, conviction, etc.
Death penalty, imprisonment, fines. No cruel or unusual punishment. American Law Differences in Cultures and Laws The Romans hated non-Romans.
Treated other Romans with respect.
People now have more rights that protect them in court.
5th amendment
knowing what you are accused of
attorney Roman Punishments Jail not a punishment
Death penalty--Pater familis or treason.
Burning to death
Thrown from a roof
Burying alive
Stones tied and thrown into a river
Mutilation of limbs
Fines for the murder of a slave or animal
Banishment American Punishments Addition of the 8th amendment
Jail time
Some states have death penalty
Correctional Conclusion Citizenship meant different things for our cultures.
Our law system is based off of that of the Roman's-with a few tweaks.
Punishments for crimes have become humane.
Western culture has adopted and improved ancient European customs. Bibliography KET. "The Roman Legal System." Sept. 7.
American Law. "History of American Law." Sept. 7.
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American Law. "Civil Law in Rome." Sept. 7. http://www.unrv.com/government/l

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