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No description

James Troxal

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of po

Immigration News A Convicted Imigration Case Some senators have said thet our border is more protected then ever
One senate said that immigration is a big role because people who are too lazy to do there work they'll hire immigrats to do the work for them. 25 pecent of farm workers are illegal. Other senates said that they don't want immigrats coming over here. around 2200 imigrants came in during 2009. A man crossing the border illaglly. This is a picture of immigrants in
Washington D.C. These people are just saying that we want
the borders to be secure, but we also do not want
violence. Rally, and angry crowds In Washington D.C. . Reform Advocates Questions:
1. What made your want to come to America?
2. Do you have a green card?
3.Where did you come from?
4. How much are you involved with the political area? Imaginary Border?
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