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Roblox 3D Shapes

This prezi talks about the game called Roblox! Its a game with math and with fun!

Ian Laughlin

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Roblox 3D Shapes

Thank You!
What is Roblox?
The Cube Block
The cube block is the most common shape used. A cube is made up of 6 squares with 24 right angles. A cube will take some area to your world.
Corner block
The corner block is a cube sliced at a 45 degrees angle. It takes up half the area of a cube. Adding a corner block adds more distance using height or width.
Roblox has more blocks than you or I could even think, and lots of things you could make with all these blocks like a jet, a plane, a car, a space ship, a dinosaur statue or maybe even a mansion! Any of these items are able to be built or bought.
A video made by me
This video shows me with the blocks, the things made out of them and what I bought from the shop.
Main Block Types
by: Ian Laughlin
Roblox 3D Shapes
Roblox is a game of creativity and math. The math inside of Roblox deals with the 3D shapes. These 3D shapes include volume, mass, and geometry.
Blocks are used for many things

Credits go to
My mind
Math Money
In Roblox you don't just use geometry,
you also use money. Roblox uses basic
math when you buy and sell your items.
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