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Digital Radio @ SBS

Draft Presentation of What is Digital, what SBS is doing and why / why not to buy now

Trevor Long

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Digital Radio @ SBS

Digital Radio
What is Digital Radio?
More Stations
Better Quality
More Features
SBS Digital Radio?
Current Analogue Services:
on Digital
Why Wait
Prices will drop
Pictures will become key
Cars will be built with DAB+
Why buy NOW?
Great New content
Clear Sound
Pause - Rewind - Record
happening faster than TV
already 13 new services in Sydney alone!
depends on the station, but some are CD quality
others are simply miles better than AM!
Features like:
Finding Stations by NAME not number
you're thinking Gimmick!
SBS AM and FM Services:
Sydney AM (SBS Radio 1)
Sydney FM (SBS Radio 2)
Melbourne AM (SBS Radio 3) (similar to Sydney AM with minor variations)
Melbourne FM (SBS Radio 4) (similar to Sydney AM with minor variations)
National Network (SBS Radio 5) (combination of all services)
Programs that are NEVER heard outside Sydney/Melbourne
and others ONLY heard in Melbourne
9 channels!
plus (+) 2 hours
All 4 channels, timeshifted
by 2 hours
and, our 9th channel
SBS Radio 6
(yes, 6)
BBC World Service
in English
24 hours a day
7 days per week
they always do!
only ONE receiver on the market can show PICTURES!
all European Cars will have DAB+ by 2013
Want to see more Digital Radios: Trevor Long - ext 2758 - trevor.long@sbs.com.au
Think Digital TV
But without the Video....
ie: it requires the purchase of a new receiver
but have you thought about your client?
logo on screen - phone number on screen...
There are
plus some that are only heard in Sydney...
SBS Radio 1
SBS Radio 2
SBS Radio 3
SBS Radio 4
All Languages in All Capital Cities
SBS Radio 1 +2hours, SBS Radio 2 +2hours, SBS Radio 3 +2hours, SBS Radio 4 +2hours
to buy a digital radio?
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