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Problem of Youth Suicide Rate in Kazakhstan

No description

Арман Жумабаев

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Problem of Youth Suicide Rate in Kazakhstan

Problem of Youth Suicide Rate in Kazakhstan Kumissay Shegebay
Arman Zhumabayev
Anel Skakova
Aidyn Imanov
Phenomenon for modern society

50% (!) Children/Young People

Research methods The rate is almost triple Kazakhstan is currently ranked 3rd on the world suicide list.
Suicide Topic Research questions Suicide in Kazakhstan 19 000 000 attempts
to commit a suicide all over the world

4 000 000 – successful (!)

21,1%Some countries do not exist (!)
High stakes test...
determines your future
...they spend their
entire life studying for it Growth of teenage suicide in Kazakhstan
Purpose Identify the key reasons of suicide among youth * Which factors impact on the teenage suicide?
Limitations * small number of participants
* using of 1 method
* only 1 city was observed
* psychologist's help is required during the research. Karimova (2008)
The problem of suicide slowly but steadily becomes the real threat of a national scale

27-29 victims per 100 000 people

Thank You
for your
attention,South+Korea&gl=us&ei=n_91ULbpK-jz0gHLyYHgBg&ved=0CCEQ8gEwAA 3rd 150 of self-killers annualy –

Northern Kazakhstan
Lack of parents’ or opposite gender’s attention (!)
Emotional experience like:
hopeless situation,
unrequited love Problem What is the exact impact
of each factor on suicide level? Research Hypothesis Society is guilty of young people’s death Participants Almaty city
8 schools
8 - 11 classes
Age 14 – 17
560 respondents
Response rate 73% = 410 teenagers Qualitative Quantative Research methods Survey
Random sampling
Have you ever thought about committing a suicide?

*Almost never
In what age people are more inclined to suicide?

It does not matter
Who is more liable to suicide?
girls\womenboys\menIt does not matter
What may cause the wish for suicide?
Relations with parentsRelations with friendsRelations with peersLoveEveryday disorderlinessHealthUnemploymentOther Is there any relation between material welfare and suicide?
Is there any need to have psychologists at schools and universities?
Evaluate the influence of such psychological factors like depression or emotional disorientation.
Affects greatly
Affects not significantly
Does not affect
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