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Copy of Khan Academy

No description

Joseph Palmer

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Khan Academy

Foundation Student Ownership of Learning Cross-Curricular Collaboration Khan Academy in Idaho Chromebooks vs. the iPad Rivervue Academy In a class of fifteen students...
1. Five students work on Khan
Academy website
2. Five students attend mini-seminar
with teacher
3. Five students work on project with
educational assistant Khan Academy Every Monday, students will set learning goals
The teacher will mentor the students
Every Friday, students will reflect on their week and submit to the teaching using Google Docs.
The teacher will read and respond to reflections with suggestions and individualized lessons for the upcoming week. Funded by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation Khan Academy Established 2010
An Alternative School
Grades 7-9; 75 students
5 Full time educators Founded in 2006
4,000 Online Lessons
Math, Science, Computer Science, Humanities, etc.
6 Million Students a Month
Available in 27 Languages
Non-Profit The Station Rotation - Class Workflow: The Problem Math ISAT Results
68% proficient in 2010-2011
63% proficient in 2011-2012
The school needs to close a 21.2% gap to meet the state-set proficiency cut-score for the 2012-2013 school year. The Potential Pilot School: Los Altos Middle School
Grade Level: 7
California Standardized Test Results:
Below Basic CST test scores dropped from 30% - 12% in one year.
The percentage of Proficient to Advanced students went from 23% - 41%. Grading Practices Salman Khan believes in learning for mastery:
“In a traditional academic model, the time allotted to learn something is fixed while the comprehension of the concept is variable. What should be fixed is a high level of comprehension and what should be variable is the amount of time students have to understand a concept.”
-The One World Schoolhouse Open-ended, inquiry-based projects
Khan Academy energy points
Unit Tests Individualized, student focused Currently:
Teachers meet once a week for a staff meeting.
Lessons are never shared, never developed.
Content classes are disjointed.

Next Year:
Teachers from all subjects will meet to develop inquiry-based learning projects using reading, writing, and math skills.
Teachers will develop a cross-curricular rubric
Teachers will create a calendar for student checkpoints and due dates.
Khan Academy will serve as a reference tool to support students throughout each project.
Students will complete a project every 12 weeks. MAP computerized adaptive assessment

(Fall 2013 - Spring 2014) Khan Academy Data Aims Web Probes Spring 2014 Math ISAT & Student Growth Percentile Assessments
of Effectiveness 2012-2013 Math ISAT Results
Sage Valley Middle School - 82.7% Proficient Vallivue Middle School - 86.4% Proficient $250
Full keyboard
Completely compatible with KA
Management Console $350-$500
Possible glitches as KA updates
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