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PWG Marketing Presentation - Architecture for Marketing Documentation - Version 2

No description

Pieter Spillebeen

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of PWG Marketing Presentation - Architecture for Marketing Documentation - Version 2

Architecture for Marketing Documentation (BIG DATA?)
Imports info from Perfion into Indesign through a plugin, an add-on to Indesign
Enables us to import also Axapta prices into the catalogue
Necessary for HIRES catalogues
Internal knowlegde
Key for Water Catalogue as well as Pool Catalogue
Klantspecifieke afspraken
Graphical Program to create catalogues, brochures, technical sheets, leaflets,...
Perfion is our central PIM with product data for Pool & Water products
All technical details of a product
Prices and descriptions through Axapta
Commercial descriptions based on the structure and set-up of our own Perfion specialist
All pictures of the products that need to be displayed on websites, catalogues,...
Product related info - Manuals, Technical sheets
Product website
De productwebsite shows all perfion info thanks to the middleware, with a great UI & UE. Product website contains:
Several languages (today UK, FR & DE almost ready to launch)
Integrated in our website system, so integratable in other websites of the group using that same system
Dynamical pdf’s
Linked to the Live environment
Automatic updates of adjustments in Perfion: new categories, products,...
Search bar + filter possibilities
Perfion is our "driver's seat": changes, filters added,... influence UE on websites
Podio is a collaboration platform to work in a different, but more efficient way:
Used as internal collaboration platforms to master projects: fe DWA, EWT, PWG,...
Used for General workspaces like Marketing Forum & Technical Forum
Used for sales incentives: PPG, Turn it over,...
Used for inscriptions, database,...
Internal use. This gathers all interesting tools to improve commercial activities
Only accessible with a login
Webbased -Cloud-based so accessible from everywhere
(API Perfion)
Middleware is customized software that makes sure that the database (in this case Perfion) can communicate with an Intranet, External websites, etc. A script caches every day the data, and stores it on a webserver so it can be easily shown on a website
Mobile Applications
The tools we created give us the possiblitiy to embed this in your own website as long as you use the PWG Website system:
Document database
Picture database
Product website
We can even decide what info we show on which website
We can change the order of products / categories shown on the front-end (example POC Euraqua)

We looked at (expensive) systems like Woodwing, Bynder, Filecamp, Share file, etc.
We decided to create our own Document Management tool based on the Google Drive software and linked it with Perfion and the intranet

FUTURE DEVLOPMENTS, think of Showpad, App as a remote display, app to stear & manage softeners,...

W: www.showpad.com
W: Personal URL for PWG with example cases and references

Poolwebshop with Sana Q1 2018
Future webshops Water?
An Easy way to create dynamical PDF's for online use
Possibility to create HIRES & Low RES printable tools
Document Management System
We created a script that exports unique keys of the Indesign of the build units (unique for every company). This script has no link with axapta, easy catalogue or the PIM. It's just an other solution to upload prices automatically since we don't have fixed Axaptanumbers for all those units
Picture Database
Overview of all our available pictures
Overview of all our HIRES pictures!
Charing pictures improves quality
We used the open API of a Google Drive to show this directly on our website.
You can search and find pictures based on a description, or you can scroll through the folder structure
Document Database
We used the open API of a Google Drive to show this directly on our website.
Documents added to 1 of the shared Podio workspaces activate an automated workflow
Exact copy on the INTERCOMPANY, exact structure used on Product Database.
Idea of dedicated marketing specialists and product specialists how work together to enrich the databank = More efficient and creating a strong tool with the right people
However: 2 dedicated people to keep control on the correct data and to avoid polution
Thanks to the customized tool, we can decide if a documents is shown on an external website, internal, on wich website, linked to products yes/no,....
Technical Forum
FAQ for all technical specialists
We keep on pushing to engage technical people and product specialists - engage product specialists = better technical sheets, data, catalogue info,... ACTION PLAN Q3 - Q4
Sharing knowledge and experiences
Automated workflows
Technical Sheets / Documents /... added here will be added to the document database
Push notificaties toegevoegd

Login met Intranet maken?
Related Tools
Two extra customized tools (own development) we created to make sure that we can initiate wich documents are linked to which products + which products are shown on which websites
Marketing Forum
Collaboration platform for all marketing specialists
Used to inform you about new product releases, documents,...
We kindly invite you to also add new releases, updates, marketing initiatives here. The aim is to inspire and share experiences!
Link to mailing system
Overview of department managers - if changes occur, let us know!
Share ideas
Follow news
To improve:
Create a quarterly newsletter linked to the app?
Activate notifications?
Extend with product website, picture database & document database?
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