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Osmosis Lab Evaluation- Gummy Bear Activity

No description

Tasha Regan

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Osmosis Lab Evaluation- Gummy Bear Activity

Osmosis Lab Evaluation- Gummy Bear Activity
What would happen to a gummy bear if it was put in regular and salt water?
Independent Variables:
The types of water were the independent variables.
Dependent Variable:
The dependent variable was the size of the gummy bear after it was soaked in regular and salt water.
Control Group:
The control group was the gummy bear soaked in regular water.
Experimental Group:
The experimental group was the gummy bear soaked in salt water.
The constants were the brand of the gummy bears and the amount of water put in the beakers.
If the gummy bear is put in pure water, then the water will stay on the outside of the gummy bear not affecting it.
Pure Water:
Salt Water:
If the gummy bear is put in salt water, then the gummy bear will decrease in size.
First, we measured our gummy bear for width, height, and mass.
Second, we filled the beakers with 50mL of salt and regular water.
Next, we put one gummy bear in each beaker.
Then, we waited for 24 hours to see the results.
After the 24 hours were up, we measured the mass of both of the gummy bears.
Data and Analysis Data
Analysis of Data
The mass of the gummy bears got bigger so that means that the water went into the gummy bears.
In conclusion,one of our hypotheses was correct. The gummy bear gained in size whether put in regular water or salt water. The water moved from a high to low concentration due to the gummy bears not having any water in them.
Error and Scientific Concept
Scientific Concept:
This experiment shows the process of
, which is the movement of water. It also showed the movement of a
solution, where the water moves inside the cell.
There was no source of error, except for one of our hypotheses was invalid.
Ways to Improve This Experiment:
We should use more of a variety of gummy bears: more brands and colors.
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