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Venezuelan Myths and Legends

Mr. Allen--Spanish III Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Brianna Claypool

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Venezuelan Myths and Legends

Venezuelan Myths and Legends
El Silbon
(The Whistler)
Spirit/Monster that eats people
He is very tall (over 6ft) and skinny
Carries around bag of bones
Deceptive Whistle- sounds far away, then he is close to you and vice versa
Doctor Knoche
migrated from Germany to Venezuela
created an embalming liquid
obsessed with death
created dozens of doses for himself
Venezuela Ape Man
La Sayona
Melissa- extremely pretty
killed husband and mother
mother cursed her before she died
"You will avenge all women by killing their unfaithful husbands"
La Llorana
(The Crier)
Maria- only wanted to marry the best of the best
married a rancher
had 2 kids
threw kids in the river
spirit haunts river
Francois de Loys came in contact with it and killed it
he took a picture
only "proof"
"New Age Ape"
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